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Anyone feed Horizon Legacy?

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I went into the feed store today to complain about weight loss on natural balance, and was given some free samples of this stuff to try out.

It has a 6 star rating on dog food analysis, and appears to be a quality food, but i can't find much info on the company besides being based out of Canada.

Here's a couple links to check out:

My options are limited since I'm looking for grain-free, and it's cheaper than EVO and Fromm (which were my other choices). It's a little higher protein than i was looking for, but again, grain-free doesn't leave many options (already tried two flavors of TOTW and he wouldn't eat either)
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I plan on trying Horizon Legacy with my two dogs next month as part of their kibble rotation. They're on Orijen Adult right now and Acana Prairie Harvest before that. In my area, the Horizon Legacy is priced similar to the Acana Prairie Harvest.

When reading about the Horizon company, I felt it had many of the same qualities as Champion Petfood Co. (Orijen, Acana). They are smaller companies that only make dog and cat food and seem responsible about how they source their ingredients.

I particularly want to try the Horizon Legacy because its main carbohydrate binder is peas. That will be a good change from the potatoes that are in many grain-free kibbles.
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