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Anybody know about Shih Tzus??

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My friend has a new shih tzu puppy and its her first dog. She is having some troubles with her, and is looking for any advice that might help. I suggested finding a shih tzu forum, since I have found this GRF so helpful...but she's found them to be mostly "frufru people who have cute little bows in their hair and are mostly concerned with "showing" discussions."

I know how awesome everybody here is, and just know I can find her some help. Here's her current issue:

We moved her crate into our room last night and she slept all night. But we have a poop problem - whenever we leave the house she poops in her crate. I left for an hour this morning, poop. We left for 17 minutes this evening, poop. I let her out before we left but she just peed. It's like she's afraid to #2 in front of us and holds it until we're not around. Or maybe she's just mad that we left and is trying to make a statement, but that seems so unnatural, considering they're not supposed to go where they sleep. She doesnt have much room in her crate, enough to turn around and lay down, and I've never given her trouble for an accident, so I don't understand the fear part. But she's had a bath almost every time she's done it, you'd think she would give it up by now! Please let me know if you have any advice.

Many many thanks!! :)
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If it's only 3.5 lbs it must truly be a baby still. How old exactly is it? It probably is just so young that it can't hold it yet.I have a Lhasa Apso, which I understand is very similar to a Shih Tzu. My Lhasa liked to go in closets, other crates, etc. He doesn't like to go outside so would rather find a secret place inside to go. He is never allowed out of my sight in the house unless crated.
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