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My pup finally went to see a holistic vet for her tummy/skin issues (long term Tylan use).

She got her first acupuncture! Not sure we see a difference yet...We were also prescribed some herbs and "glandular" support supplement.
Kan Essentials Dispel Dampness & Nourish the Skin
Standard Process Enteric Support
Thorne Gastriplex

So I'm wondering if anyone has success with TCM (traditional chinese medicine/alternative medicine), herbs, acupuncture and such. >:)

Ingrid, Now Mom to Brisby
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Yes, I have had great success with both holistic and homeopathic modalities with Brisby.

Brisby has fully recovered from an ACL tear last year with conservative management by a holistic veterinarian, which included acupuncture, laser therapy, TCM ( Jing Tang cruciate ligament). 4-Cyte and Ascenta Omega.

Brisby was also being treated for "spay incontinence" by a the same holistic veterinarian. Treatment included diet change to combination home cooked/raw, acupuncture, a mixed liquid homeopathic remedy, TCM ( Sang PIao Xiao San ). We did achieve results, however not as good as we had hoped for, therefore my holistic veterinarian referred me to a homeopathic vet. Brisby's incontinence has dramatically improved with the care under my homeopathic veterinarian, although it is an ongoing process.

Although Brisby's issues are very different from what you are dealing with for your pup, I can say that that we have a great success with holistic/homeopathic modalities vs traditional allopathic treatments.

From what I have learned over this year in my journey is, is that diet plays an extremely important role, as does anything else your pup may be ingesting: traditional medication, flea/tick/heartworm, vaccines, topicals of any kind etc.

Wishing you the best of success.
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