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Any ideas on why my dog has problems with Rotties?

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Geddy, our female, seems to have problems with Rotties, in general. I really don't understand what goes on, but when I've taken her to the dog park, if there is a rottie in there (it's usally females also), they will come up and get in her face, and then won't get out of her face. That's when she loses it and starts grumbling, which leads to problems with the rottie.

This happened just the other weekend, we took the kids (Ged & Sawyer) to the dog park, Geddy was running around and meeting all the dogs, then she found a rottie, sniffed up under her back legs, and when she was finished the Rottie was just in her face... like weird in her face... and wouldn't stop... so Geddy started growling, and if we hadn't taken Geddy out of the park then there'd have been a fight.

We put Geddy on leash. No one came to get the rottie... So hubby held onto it by the collar. I started walking to the door, and hubby let go of the rottie and it ran right over to Geddy and tried to get in her face again. Told hubby to hold it until I got her out, which he did. There are two gates, and we were inbetween them, the rottie came right over to the gate, and hopped up still trying to get to her.

And the owner was NO WHERE to be found. WTH?

Anyways, any ideas why we might have a problem with female rotties? Do they sence that Geddy thinks she's superior to them? Or do they sense that she is weak and vulnerable?? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Makes me never want to go back to the dog park. But I do so enjoy seeing her play nicely with the rest of the dogs. :(
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What do you mean specifically by 'get in her face'?

When my Scout was smaller and younger (not that long ago, just a few months) she was terrified of a neighbor's rottie. In this case, the rottie was a sweetheart Scout just didn't adjust well at first to this massive tank built dog who played rough. Definitely not on the same page.
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