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Our golden Ellie is 1 yr 4 months. I have taken her to a trainer who is a behaviorist for initial training, then to her kennel with refresher courses. She has a sweet golden personality, always aiming to please but pants a lot and appears anxious. although We haven’t been overly diligent with training we aren’t totally remiss either, having trained quite a few dogs. we have been having issues with her walking on leash. She turns around, grabs the leash and plays with it while we are walking her. she Gets overly excited when situations change (like going outside for a walk) and races toward whatever vehicle,she is getting into almost pulling the person on the other end of the leash over. She jumps mercilessly on anyone entering our home. the trainer has had her while,I am recouping from knee surgery for 5 days. She is considerably better there, always willing and ready to,play the 1,2,3 game where the trainer has her focus on 1, come toward her on 2, and sits for a treat by her side for 3. That being said, the trainer thinks we have a dog with very high anxiety level who may have to be medicated at some Point. this is my 4th golden, but I must admit I am somewhat perplexed. is this actually a stage they grow out of or am I looking at possibly having to medicate this girl for her own well-being? Looking for others experiences with this
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All excellent tips. Thanks everyone. she goes to the dog park daily along with a few miles walking so I think exercise is adequate. I think you are all correct. She’s a sweet, very lively, girl with some growing up to do and her owners have some more work ahead of them. It’s been a minute since we’ve trained from a pup, having rescued several dogs in the past few years. We will have to work at this a little harder. Thanks all!
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