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Another Thyroid Question

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Tasha has been having skin issues since we adopted her at the beginning of the year. She has some pretty bad scars so I assume she has had these issues all her life. Tasha will be 6yo in October and is in remission from lymphoma. She was overweight and has lost approximately 30 lbs. Recently she has had a couple of ear infections and a recurring UTI. I convinced the vet to check her thyroid. The T4 was in the normal range 2.0 but the TSH was 0.05 which is the beginning range of normal. The vet said everything was normal. I wanted to get anyones opinion who has experience with this.

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Low normal is actually low for a golden. I would ask your vet to put her in the thyroid meds to see if they will help her. Here are two websites tied to each other that might answer some of your questions and to show your vet. Dr Jean Dodds is a leading authority on thyroid issues. The results can be sent to her to read and give her opinion on what meds she needs to be on.
Thank you for the websites Carol. I will send the results to Dr. Dodd for her opinion.
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