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another potty question

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Hi Everyone!
I have a 12.5 week old little girl named Cider who seems to pee very often after drinking water.She may have to go out every 10 minutes after drinking a good amount of water.In fact,I don't leave water down throughout the day because we would literally be out every 15 minutes in order to avoid accidents. She has been treated for an UTI in the past and her urine this week is much improved,but she is still on an antibiotic.
I guess my question is - Do puppies pee that often normally after a big drink or is this still the UTI? Do any of you notice the same thing after a big drink for your pups without an UTI to muddy the waters?:confused:
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Pups that age DO pee an awful lot. I'd keep an eye on her, finish up the antibiotics and if she's still peeing that often, have a vet re-check to make sure the UTI isn't contributing.
I agree with what Staphanie said. I would add though that if the pup is still on antibiotics I would not restrict her water intake untill she is off them.
Hi, and I agree also with the above, especially allowing her to drink plenty, wheather pups/dogs are ill or not, a fresh bowl of water should always be a permanent fixture and easily accessible in the house. Whilst she is poorly I personally would give them a quick phone call just confirm, but I would have thought drinking plenty can help to flush out the problem. Give the vet a quick ring :) and I hope it all clears up after the anti biotics.
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