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Another new member from the UK

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Just wanted to say hi from the West Country! We used to have 2 gorgeous goldie boys but sadly lost the oldest two years ago. His 'brother' is still with us at the grand old age of 15 and a half. He's as deaf as a post and his back legs are starting to seize up but he still loves his grub and quite often has a mad 5 mins charging around the garden:D

We had talked about getting a different breed of dog when anything happens to J but they are such a gorgeous breed I can't see that happening. Looking forward to reading all about your boys and girls.
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Welcome and greetings from Rugby. Have you found the UK golden lovers social group yet?
Hi and welcome to the forum, wow 15 and a half that is fantastic I have Honey almost 2 and Jade a GD almost 11 please join the UK social site we have members from all over the country I am in the west country ish Bristol.
PS we love pictures hint hint:wavey:
Welcome to the board. What is your 15 year Goldens name? If you get a chance we would love to see pictures as well.
hi and welcome,, here is the link to the UK social group

I'm Tracey mum to four goldens, 7yrs, 6yrs, 2 1/2yrs and 8mths. as Rob said we would love to see pictures of our boy
Welcome to the forum,
That is just amazing having your 15 1/2 year old. You have been very blessed to have him so long and I pray you have a long time left with him. I have 3 goldens Bama, Daisy and Pawley. Also have a american eskimo Shelby. And three cats. Would love to see some pictures of your handsome fellow.
Welcome to you and your grand old gold boy. Please make yourself at home here and be sure to post pictures when you have a chance.
Welcome too!

I'm originally from Epsom Downs, Surrey.

Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you are a fantastic parent! Look and look and look, but Goldens and Labs are the best!
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