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Another kennel cough thread

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I read a few others on here about kennel cough but nothing covers this...

I picked Hayden up from the shelter monday and she's had a cough that keeps getting more frequent. Then it finally dawned on me she probably has kennel cough! duh.. She doesn't seem effected physicly by it, she just wakes me up at night coughing.

I love my vet but he's a bit pricey and the first time you bring your pet there he adds a first exam charge. Well I started a new job and they messed up the paperwork and I didnt get paid....yay...

So I called my vet and told them I just picked her up from the shelter monday and I think she has kennel cough. Asked if I can do payments or not pay the fee right now.
She said no they can't do that but I should just try giving her childrens robetussin and give her the childs dose every 6-8 hours.

I went and got some along with a new bed and some toys (she LOVES plush toys but man that one only lasted an hour....)

So uhh it tastes like fruit punch supposably but yea she was TOTALY not liking it! lol Not sure how i'll do it again...

She did stop coughing! Well until we went on a walk and she wanted to go after a bird and pulled on the leash.

The woman at the vet said if it doesn't stop after about a week to give her a call back. :crossfing

Hayden has an apointment to be spayed tues. I hope she's doing better by then...

Anyone else tried tussin? I'll let you all know how it works out. It seems to work better on her than it has ever worked for me. lol and she even spit out some of it.
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Please be careful with not treating kennel cough, it can progress and turn into pneumonia. Most vets prescribe an antibiotic to prevent the secondary infection, kennel cough itself is a virus.
Was she recently tested for heartworm?
I understand that. But considering her body seems to be doing well with this virus just keeping an eye on her and treating the symptoms is ok at this point. Now if she was showing signs of weakness and I thought her immune system might not be able to fight off the virus I would for sure get the antibiotics for her. In fact I think that was the vets thought too. I guess thats why she said to call her back next week if things aren't getting better.

I've worked as a Vet tech but couldn't handle it. I'm now pretty much a Paramedic and realise an animals body is pretty close to ours. Yes it's odd humans in pain or humans that die tragicly don't bother me.. put a wounded animal in front of me and I want to cry. I don't understand myself either.. If I was sick and so was my animal my animal would for sure go to the vet before i'd ever go to a doctor.. then again I really hate doctors....

yea sorry. Off track again.
Was she recently tested for heartworm?
She'll get that tues.
If you can put the meds in a syringe and 'shoot' it down the back of her mouth, then close her muzzle and hold it up, that usually does the trick. Usually I'll have a smelly treat to hold over their nose, and they soon forget about the medicine and gulp that down instead...

My vet always just said to keep them at home (no walks out in public to spread it, or training etc...), keep them quiet and see how they do in a week or so.

Hope she's feeling better soon!

Call the shelter. They may treat Hayden for you. When i adopted Cooper he had kennel cough and they got him fixed right up for me.
I was told yesterday by the vet tech's at the vet's office, kennel cough is actually a bacteria and does need antibiotics.
Doctors will tell you that about the flu too. If you have a good immune system you don't need drugs. Belive me... I do NOT go to the doctor.

The shelter had me sign a paper stating I take care of any sickness or I can trade her in for an unsick dog lol

She's doing MUCH better. The only time she coughs is when she gets really excited and jumps around too much. Which she SHOULDN'T be doing right now!! lol
She got spayed tues and is doing wonderful :) I really do wish I could get her to take it a bit more easy. She is staying in the house (I was suppose to work but lucky for the dog I was called off). But she still trys jumping on the couch and attacking us.

I figured out the syringe thing the 2nd night.. She HATES it! But it works. She wont let me near her for a few min after I give it to her :(
How long did it take Hayden to get over the cough? My Wyatt just developed it after being boarded the week before. His case sounds similar to your Hayden's. He's actually been coughing less over the last 24 hours (the hacking/gagging started about two days ago and was really bad Friday night). We haven't given him anything for it, but plan to call the vet just to let them know and to alert them since they boarded him.
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