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Animal Rescue calendars are one of my favorite holiday gifts to give (and receive) from my animal loving friends. Rescue calendars not only benefit the animals in the rescues through funds raised, but contain heart-warming stories that are sure to warm the reader’s heart. Many happy tears are shed as I read the stories of the animals featured and their happy lives. I did a quick rescue calendar research of golden rescues, and here are just a few of the rescues offering calendars. Please consider purchasing one, or more, from these great groups:
Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas:
Gold Ribbon Rescue:
Arizona Golden Retriever Connection:
Homeward Bound has 2 to choose from!
Golden Bond rescue:
Rescue a Golden of Minnesota:
Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue:
Adopt a Golden Atlanta:
I know the Atlanta area’s other rescue has one too, I just couldn’t pull up their webpage
Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida:
GREAT Rescue of North Florida:
There are other great rescue calendars out there and no offense is intended if your favorite rescue group calendar is left off this partial listing. Please feel free to add your favorite rescue’s calendar links to this thread.
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