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Angry voices response?

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I don't like to admit that we have disagreements or that we're passionate about our 'side' of the argument, but....

Penny hates it when we raise voices in anger. She ducks and runs to the small bathroom and lays low. If she's outside or in the car, she won't come in the house. Of course, I feel like 2 cents waiting for change and the world's worst mom because I've upset her.

She'll even run for cover if DH lets slip with a curse. She says to herself: THAT never ends well.

She finds comfort in me first even though I'm usually the one who starts the 'raised-voice episode' ( I get short on patience :eek:). Does this mean she sees DH as alpha even though I do all the training, treating, soothing? We think it does because he gives off male aura.

So how does you Golden react when everything is not 'happily ever after'?
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If I start to yell Griff is right up there trying to jump up on me (which he NEVER tries to do any other time) - he actually get excited. He lets me know I need to take a breather and chill a bit before I continue. He usually makes me laugh when he does that.
Maybe she is a secret democrat :). Poor baby.
Lucky doesn't like angry voices. Sometimes he balks like a mule on a walk because he want to smell a different path then we are going, and I get frustrated and start ranting and he shapes up might quick. Its not loud that bothers him so much as angry.

And my husband definitely has a " aurora". All he has to be is quietly stern and Lucky cowers.
I haven't noticed how Tucker reacts, but our cat Tess will actually get on the couch behind us and put her face right in your face as you are trying to argue. She does not like it at all.
Hmmm I think Bailey just gets annoyed, but my boyfriend and I have a parakeet that will squawk really loud when we raise our voices...which just makes us laugh :) So arguments don't last long because we end up laughing at him LOL
LOL. Riley doesn't like it when I get irritated. Which usually happens any time I'm trying to fix or repair something around the house. He starts getting nervous as soon as he hears the magic word ("G--d---it") and will leave the room, because he knows that mom is about to start slamming things.
If I'm home alone, he usually heads for the big chair in the living room. I guess he feels safe there? If mom's home, he immediately goes to sit by her.
He's really done wonders for my blood pressure, though, because the minute I realize that I've upset him (or the minute mom tells me "Calm down - you're upsetting the baby.") I have to go hug him, tell him I'm sorry and that it's okay. It really helps me calm down and regroup. ;)
Hmm...not that we don't argue or raise voices, we do, but Sam and now Ike, never seem too concerned, more curious. I think it's because our body language behind the voices was/is that we're not really angry, just venting. I don't have much of a temper, though hubby vents religiously about one thing or another. We get more reaction out of an embrace. If hubby is hugging me, the dogs are right there trying to get a hug too.
Even when I am venting about something at work, Jasper comes over and whines at me, then the climbs into my lap. If my husband and I are having a disagreement, he does the same thing. I think he is trying to comfort me, or else he senses my stress and he is feeling it, too.
When Jeff and I have had arguments, Sam gets super nervous and upset about it. He will crawl on my lap and curl up into a tiny ball and he shakes a little sometimes if our voices are raised. He's so sensitive.. lol
Miley will stop & look at me, raise one eyebrow then the other. Then I raise my arm & point to the crate and she promptly trots right into it because she knows she has a 10 min time out waiting for her for something (and she usually knows what it is) she has done wrong.
Mine also get very nervous and run for cover. And my 2 live in a house with a mom living with 3 men. Two of them are ungrateful, selfish early 20 year olds. So some days there is a lot of yelling going on.:uhoh:
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