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Some of you may be familiar with Andy's thread -
(Andy needs your continual positive thoughts and prayers so please visit his thread if you have not already done so :))

Anyway, Andy's dad Danny put it out there that he would potentially need to re-home Buddy, a dog he rescued. Buddy still has quite a bit of puppy in him, and Andy is going through 6 months of chemo so needs his parents undivided attention at this time. It just so happened that my mom lost her heart dog Echo last month, and I suggested she adopt Buddy. My mom and Danny got in contact via email and telephone and from the very beginning we realized that Buddy was meant to be my mom's dog.

I started this thread so Danny can share with you Buddy's entire story - and so my mom can periodically update everyone on Buddy's new life as a Canadian :)

Today we left home at 4 am to meet Danny and Buddy in Lima, Ohio. (Danny lives in Nashville and Lima is the mid-way point. He got a hotel room last night so we would have a warm place to meet and greet and have a visit :)) Buddy is a VERY special little guy. My mom, sister and I instantly fell in love with him.

Buddy will have an AMAZING life with my mom - she not only lost all of her pets in the past few years but all of her kids have left home as well! Buddy will be her #1 love and we are all OK with that ;)

Here are some pictures taken with cell phones today:

My mom and Buddy, moments after meeting

We were concerned that Buddy might have troubles on the long ride home, but he was FANTASTIC. Cuddled right up to my mom and slept the entire way home.

Once my turn driving was up, I got a bit of Buddy cuddle time too!

We first went to my house to introduce Buddy to Bailey, Burgundy and Sadie. Bailey and Buddy hit it off instantly (as we expected they would!) while Burgundy and Sadie will need a few days to get used to a new exuberant puppy. They all did great though, and Buddy seemed to be very happy to be with all of these other dogs :)

My husband feeding them some treats

(Buddy instantly figured out where the treats were and kept going to the closet door - he REALLY enjoys his dehydrated beef lung!)

My mom just sent me this picture a few minutes seems that her and Buddy are fairly comfortable on the couch!

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That is so sweet that your mom could take in this dog! They definitely look like they have been together since the beginning and Buddy will have a great life! Please keep us updated on Buddy!

she'll always be the one
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Buddy looks like he belongs with your mom. I am so happy for both of them. Love these happy endings!!!

I miss my Buddy
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First of all I want to welcome new fellow Canadian. I do not have to tell you how much I am in love with his name. Sweet, gorgeous boy. I am happy for your mom and Buddy, who was once thrown thru the car's window and look at him now. His life is going to be wonderful journey with your mom and your entire family. Higher power really works its magic. Your mom got her Christmas present, best ever. Melissa you are an amazing daughter. Your mom is sure proud of you.

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And a new door opens! Just a wonderful new beginning and Melissa you are such a doll. Your Mom now has a new love and Buddy is in his forever home. Merry Christmas to all and think this was a touch of Christmas Magic. Can't wait to see pictures of Buddy as he becomes familiar with his new home and the joy he will bring.

A Very Good Thing has Happened
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I love these heartwarming miracle stories!!
You can tell how much your Mom and Buddy love one another already!!

Mom to 9 :)
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This forum is amazing!

Buddy - here's wishing you many more wonderful Christmas's with your new home - welcome to GRF!

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Hi there. This is Danny, Buddy's foster dad and Andy the golden retriever's dad. Since Melissa asked for me to tell his story I didn't want to miss a detail about his life before and during his miracle adoption yesterday. It's a long Christmas story. Here it is from my perspective. Perhaps Laura will share it from hers. The Christmas spirit is huge right now thanks to Buddy.

In our house Christmas was becoming a rather melancholy time this year. Our Golden, Andy was diagnosed 2 weeks ago tomorrow night with Lymphoma (cancer). Needless to say, we were devastated. I stumbled across this site the night I got the news. Out of thousands of 'canine lymphoma' Google links - looking for info on his condition - I came across this site. What an answer to prayer, and what a site full of kindhearted people. I'll admit I was a puddle of tears about Andy when I found GRF. Andy's news was coming on top of Christmas memories of my sibling, Beverly, who passed away from cancer not so long ago, and how she was the one I'd be packing boxes full of gifts for and mailing just about now.

For the reasons Melissa mentioned, the sudden thought hit a couple hours after posting Andy's lymphoma thread here on GRF : "what will I do about Buddy?" He was laying in my lap. Knowing how loving golden retriever owners are, I posted about him on Andy's thread. It was all I could do in the middle of the night. At least I started. That was a little progress, at least on one front.

Just as I'd prayed for Andy, I said a prayer about Buddy too. Never expecting nearly instant results. I'd already received an outpouring of prayers and well wishes for Andy, helpful info about lymphoma, Meggie's Mom's hopeful thread about her Megs ( lymphoma survivor of 3+ years) - all giving hope and encouragement. Then, along came Melissa's first reply about Buddy. More on that below and his adoption from my point of view. First of all, I'd like to tell you about the Buddy I came to know and love.


This past April 18th I received a call about him from friendly acquaintances. They'd had him 2 months and named him "Buddy". He was 4 months old when they found him, and 6 months old when they called and described as 'an absolutely wonderful, sweet dog'. They were right.

Hearing his name over the phone made my heart go all mushy. My first golden, also named Buddy, came into my life in the aftermath of a tragedy that left me wounded physically and with a massive case of PTSD to boot. Buddy the Golden wandered up to my wife at her office pulling a stake on the end of chain attached to a spiked collar, his eyes swollen shut from infection. My first words on seeing him were "Hey, Buddy ... who are you" as he came to me and stuck his head between my legs and wagged his tail.

HOW HE WAS FOUND - February 2011

Elizabeth saw what happened to Buddy 10 months ago and rescued him off of a highway when he was 4 months old, took him in for 2 months, and relayed the story of how their paths crossed:

She was pulling in to buy food for her rabbits and cats at Eddie's Hardware on Highway 70 on the Western edge of Nashville when she saw Buddy thrown out of a moving vehicle onto the highway. As I mentioned, Buddy was only about 4 months old at the time. He rolled several times on the road after hitting the pavement, then got up and ran after the truck yelping and crying. They kept driving away but Buddy continued chasing after them, so those ******** (pardon my French) shot at him a few times to scare him off.

Elizabeth chased after Buddy in her car and Buddy jumped right in when she caught up to him. Upon arriving at her house he refused to get out of the cab. Finally, after 4 hours and several attempts to coax him out, she reached in and carried him out and into their cedar fenced yard. Their cats wouldn't let him in the house, so for the next 2 months he slept under their deck in the dirt. It wasn't the best of circumstances but at least he wasn't a stray puppy left wandering the streets. They kept him in their yard for 2 months until last April.

- April 18 2011

I went right over when Elizabeth's boyfriend called to tell me about him. They knew I'd done rescue work, had a golden, and were hoping I'd take him. Buddy was described as a "really sweet dog .. maybe golden retriever mix", etc. and told me how she'd found him a couple months before.

When I met Bud for the first time - now about 6 months old - he greeted me with wagging tail. I sat down on the edge of the deck to get to his eye level. He walked right up to me, sat down, offered his paw, fell against my chest, and licked my face. Stayed there for several minutes, glad to be getting cuddled and petted. More soft kisses - not too many, just gentle shows of appreciation for affection. Buddy has soulful eyes that belied a big shining spirit. My first golden, a 'self rescue', if you will, was a beautiful boy, and so Buddy's name made me go all mushy before I ever met him. He and my late golden, Buddy, were soul brothers with all that love, trust, and loving personality despite horrible beginnings.

Their cats wouldn't let him in the house, so he'd been sleeping under their deck in the dirt. Better then being a stray I suppose.

Before I left the house to go meet him I grabbed a couple Milk Bones (figured his teeth could use them, and "I'm friendly" icebreakers too), an athletic sock with a knot tied in the middle, and a tennis ball and headed over to pick him up.

It's doubtful Buddy had ever had a bath. He was in need of one, though his coat was soft and shiny like an expensive women's coat. So, I went home, grabbed a couple more Milk Bones and tennis balls, 2 different shampoos - medicated and flea - towels, a hairdryer, dog brush, and another tennis ball and headed back to give him a bath.

When he saw me on my return he ran up with to me with happy tail, then sniffed and dug in the sack for the large Milk Bones. Took one of them under the deck and came back for the other. Warmed my heart. He didn't know you could chew Milk Bones and so savored it like a sucker. Then, he went under the deck and brought all the things I'd given him earlier - one by one - and laid them next to me, sat, and wagged his tail expectantly. I sat on the end of the deck at his level as I'd done before .. . Again, he sat like such a good boy, wagging his tail and giving me gentle kisses now and then. Continued to look at me with those soulful eyes. I was a total goner!

He had what I suspect was his first ever bath minutes later. It was a funny scene. I had to tie his leash to the shower spigot because he'd jumped out of the tub 3 times - soaking wet - straight in my lap. Awwwwww. This was all new to him. Despite the leash he kept trying to jump out and into my lap. When I had him rinsed he loved getting toweled off but didn't know what to make of the hairdryer.

When he was dry I took him back out to the deck. He learned to fetch a tennis ball in 10 minutes and paraded around with it in his mouth. He'd never had a toy. Today? He's a tennis ball nut. Good for him !!! He's been bags of them in the 8 months he lived here with us. Lives to love, be loved, play ball, and have fun.

When I left Elizabeth's with him Buddy and I went straight to the vet. He wanted to sit nowhere but in my lap and helped me drive there. Complete physical with blood work. The vet and I estimated his age at about 6 months. Bud didn't have anything seriously wrong with him, but the vet suggested a few days of inpatient treatment. They don't have a staff there at night, so I didn't want to leave him alone there and called an animal hospital we've had other pets at over the years who do.

We headed to the car. He was eager to get in and rode sitting on my lap again. He really wanted to be loved and probably needed reassurance he wouldn't be thrown out of my car like he had 2 months before on that highway. It was very endearing.

When we arrived at the animal hospital he waltzed right in on the leash and put paws on the counter with tail wagging when I got his intake paperwork from the staff to fill out, saying hi to everyone. Lots of 'cute dog' comments from staff and pet owners checking in and out. As I sat and filled out the paperwork he sat calmly at my feet like such a good boy and stared in my eyes. I knew how he felt from being a foster kid myself and gave him reassurance when he'd put his head on my leg. What a darling.

They checked him in and he stayed for 4 nights. I took a soft blanket and tennis balls and such because they told me in advance he'd be caged in quarantine rather than a dog run those four days. I visited him every day and took him out to the grass to tinkle and for some running around time. He never seemed unhappy, even in the cage.

He was such an obviously and incredibly sweet little 6 month old little boy then. And so well behaved. Grateful for anything ... never demanding. Just gentle and grateful. The staff fell madly in love with him. When I'd call (as I did several times a day) to inquire they'd say "Oh, BUDDY!!" with obvious affection. It's a pretty large operation. He was a standout.


Buddy came home after the 4 days in the animal hospital. He fit right in and immediately began playing with our golden, Andy (now the new chemo patient), and our little 'self rescue', Katie, a 14 lb Bichon-Papillon mix (75/25 ... DNA test results). Learned to use the dog door that first day.

He's been the most wonderful little guy anyone could imagine. Playful, friendly to all dogs and people, a cuddle bug, and what I call a "Master Ballman". I took him daily to a fenced in football/soccer field for half an hour of tennis ball play. He was always so excited to go. I hit it 200-300' with a tennis racket. Man, is he fast!!!!! Took a few weeks before he'd bring it ALL the way back. Before then he'd usually stop 4-6' away. Once he figured out I'd hit it again every time he began coming all the way, laying down, and pushing the ball towards me with his tongue and, if I didn't pick it up fast enough, again with his nose. Cute.

He couldn't sleep on the bed because of 14 lb Katie, who had a bad leg, then ACL surgery on the other one. We'd bought a large dog bed for Andy, our golden, but it was just a tad too small. He's about 80 lbs and tall. I put that bed next to Andy's foam/quilt pallet next to me on my side of the bed and Buddy spent some time adjusting it until it was 'just right'. The first few nights it sounded like "Jingle Bells" for a few hours after we went to bed as Buddy would play ball with himself in the bed with his name and rabies tags jingling together - tossing the tennis ball to himself and doing a spot-on impression of a Mexican Jumping Bean. Funny, cute, and endearing. I taped the rabies tag with layers of Scotch tape to stop the jingling. LOL

Buddy's been the PERFECT little boy around here and given us so many chuckles, grins, and belly laughs with his cute personality and actions I couldn't count them. He learned to open the trash compactor in the kitchen (no easy feat) and, like he's done with wastebaskets now and then, he'd only pull out ONE piece of paper, tear it up, and then leave it there. He did a little counter surfing and helped himself to some mighty good treats that way too. Like our dinners, loaves of bread. We didn't mind. Belly laughs are good for the soul.

The funniest event of all happened around Halloween. My wife had 20 Betty Boop dolls (mix of Halloween and Christmas oriented) to give to kids. One morning she went out with Andy, Buddy, and Katie for their morning constitutionals. Way out in the back of the yard were all the Betty Boop dolls. Buddy'd taken them off a buffet in the dining room one at a time in the middle of the night and carted them out the dog door to the back of the back yard.. So funny!! It looked like the aftermath of a WW2 battle. He didn't tear up a single one or get them dirty. He's too gentle for that ... (We sent him to his forever home with one of the Betty Boop dolls).

The past 8 months have been laughter filled because of his cute antics and loveable personality. Quick to bring a tennis ball he'd set on my outstretched legs or when I was working in my studio. Balls going every which way most of the time. Very enjoyable for both of us. He's a cuddle bug who'd crawl up in my lap and would fall asleep after nibbling and sucking my fingers. Same on the couch. Always near. Always dear.


I thought my Golden, Andy's, chemo would be a 3 week treatment or so, so when friends offered to let him stay there for the duration with them and their Golden and Husky I gratefully accepted. A day after I took him to their house (where he fit in like Flynn and was his perfect usual self) I found out Andy's chemo would be a 6 month ordeal. As Melissa explained above, Buddy's still a puppy and Andy needs peace and quiet and a lot of attention right now. Buddy would need a forever home where he'd get love and more attention and play he deserved,and Andy would need rest and rather constant attention, as is proving the case now after his 2nd week of chemo, which is leaving him tired and uncomfortable.

Melissa saw the post about my realizing I'd need to find a home for him and responded with a post about he mom's recent loss of her 'heart dog' at age 14 (just last month) and links about all three of the 3 dearly departed furry family members who'd passed away in a short amount of time - well beyond their life expectancies. Melissa said she'd show her mom the post about Buddy on Andy's lymphoma thread (Melissa's response - Post #52 - Pg 6).

The fact Melissa had TWO Goldens was the first 5 check marks off the "OK list" for me. Reading some of her other posts here at GRF and on her blog, the next 5 check marks - including "very kind heart". Her sister, Sarah, is another kindhearted dog lover who rescued a lab who'd had pups, was abandoned, and needed an operation (which GRF folks raised the money for ... KUDOS). All looking very good. I started getting my hopes up :)

As pics, videos, and emails began flying it became obvious her mom, Laura, was a super dog lover and kindhearted person too - readily apparent even from the distance of cyberspace. I knew the sadness of having to say goodbye to beloved furry friends in quick succession like Laura had ... Echo, her lab 'heart dog' went to the Bridge just month ago. I felt Buddy and she would be a love match. With fingers crossed and prayer's said, I hoped Laura would be interested in Buddy ... and ready to adopt. This was a dream home for Buddy if she was ...

Melissa - mm02gn - asked for some details for her mom, Laura, about Buddy in a post on Andy's thread, which I supplied there and via email.

After a couple days of pictures of Buddy to Laura, she and Melissa sending pictures of Laura's home and the life he'd have (Dog Heaven), videos, and information going both ways via email, Laura emailed "I'm so happy to inform you I'd LOVE to adopt Buddy". Yes! I would normally never adopt a dog to anyone without a home visit, but it was SO obvious Buddy would be going to DOG HEAVEN with a mom and dad who'd appreciate his beautiful spirit and loving nature, and the same for him. Prayers work! Buddy had a wonderful home to go to. A Christmas Miracle.

I brought him back home after those 5 days with Mike, Mary, and their golden and husky to spend the week with us before he left to go with Laura to his new home.

Tons of emails, pictures, and videos back and forth to Laura since that first communication. What an absolutely outstanding, tight knit, dog loving, loving WONDERFUL FAMILY !! The perfect mom for Buddy. Laura's is a family whose pets are beloved family members and have the time of their lives with all the doting and attention one could dream of for their furry kids .... and now including a special dog like Buddy.


This is a pic taken during our ''til we meet again" party my wife and our dogs threw for Buddy. Every time we'd call their names to get their heads turned to the camera one would jump off and come with tail wagging, or one or two would lose their cap or antlers. Plus, Katie runs from cameras. A good time and yummy food was had by all!! HO HO HO!

Andy and Buddy:

Katie, the Christmas Elf ("You KNOW I hate cameras", she's saying):

MEETING HIS NEW FOREVER MOM and FAMILY - December 17th, 2011

Laura and her two daughters, Melissa and Sarah (Sadie the Rescue's mom), met me halfway in Lima, OH yesterday (Saturday, December 17th, 2001) after a 400 mile drive. Laura, Melissa, and Sarah are real troopers!! 800 mile round trip in one day. That's love for ya ...

When they walked in the room Buddy was wearing his new reindeer antlers, Santa cap, and red Christmas scarf with a jingle bell on the end and we greeted Laura, Melissa, and Sarah with a "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!" Buddy jumped down from the bed and went to greet them. They 'awed' and started loving on him. As you can see in the picture in mm03gn's post (Melissa) of Laura and Buddy on the bed just minutes after they met, he was loving every minute of it as much as Laura was. As tired as I'm sure they must have been they never showed it. Getting up a 2 am and driving so far and back is not for the faint of heart.

We spent a few hours together so they could meet Buddy and make it a fun experience and stress free adoptiong for him. Mission accomplished 110%! A great time was had by all !!

I can't say enough how wonderful Laura and her daughters are. Buddy hit the 'dog lottery'!! Great 'dog cousins' to play with too!

My wife and I are elated Buddy ended up in such a wonderful home as Laura's, with 'dog cousins' and doting extended family. Normally, I'd have driven all the way to their house and done a home visit, but it was so obvious from the pictures, videos, phone calls, and emails with Laura and Melissa this is a great family of extremely kindhearted people who love and treasure their dogs like we do. Buddy has that golden retriever heart too. Perfect match. As the Beatles sang, he's "Love, love, love ..."

It was hard to say goodbye, but aren't all goodbyes with those we love that much that way? I grinned all the way home. I'm still grinning for Buddy and Laura and her husband.

Buddy brought a lot of joy into our home and has already been responsible for a lot of Christmas spirit I'll never forget. I said on Andy's thread Please pray for Andy - LYMPHOMA that in my opinion dogs are angels sent here for a time to teach unconditional love ... to those who will see. Buddy's one of God's 'love ambassadors'.

I received Guddy's dog DNA test results the day before we met. Buddy's 75% Lab (Labrador Retriever's originated in Canada) and 11% American Water Spaniel ... plus a little of a handful of other breeds. A dual citizen now of two countries, an international traveler, always a forever 'I love everybody' member of the world community.

I consider Bud's new mom, Laura, a friend.

The Christmas spirit is in our house ... just when we needed it the most. All because of a beautiful, now 14-month-old little love bug named Buddy who will always have a piece of my heart, the amazing people on this forum like Laura's daughter, Melissa, and his new mom and extended family (who I can't say enough good things about ... simply incredible people) who have let me share in the joy of Buddy's new life.

God bless Buddy and his new family. They certainly blessed mine.

Buddy's happy ending and the entire experience of meeting his new family is an angel on top of the Christmas tree - the one my wife and I weren't going to put up this year. Guess what came down from the attic today? Ya, the tree and outdoor lights.

Thanks Buddy. Thanks Melissa, Thanks Laura. Thank you God.


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I am so moved by your story. Buddy is a blessing to all who hear about him... I hope his new mom stays on the forum and keeps sharing him with all of us. And I have to say it's one of my Christmas blessings that you all joined the forum. It is an honor to keep Andy and your family in my prayers.

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Thank you Melissa, Danny and to everyone who has sent their well wishes. Buddy is an amazing dog. He travelled well and slept the entire way home. He's just like Danny said 'a real cuddlebug. I've had a wonderful day getting to know Buddy today.

We had such an adventure yesterday and Danny you are a true gem. It was such a pleasure to meet you and thank you to you and Jane for taking such amazing care of my little Buddy.

I've been so sad since Echo passed and I miss her so much. But now I will want to come home after work again!!

Thank you everyone

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Such a happy story! Melissa you are the perfect matchmaker and angel! First with Sadie being adopted by your sister and now Buddy adopted by your mom!

Having met Melissa's family a couple of times and been to their house, Danny I can assure you that Buddy is definitely in the PERFECT home!

Looking forward to the updates as Buddy continues to settle with his new momma!!! <3 <3
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