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Anatomy of the Sly On-The-Lap Maneuver

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Sam's an old pro at this... he'll get on the couch next to me.. kind of lean in, get some cuddles, lean some more, more cuddles.. before I know it he's completely ON TOP of me... he thinks he's being sooo sneaky... I'm so on to him.

"Hey mom, whats up? I'm just gonna rest my head on your shoulder ok?"

just an ever so uh.. graceful lean in..

completely sitting on my lap... someone's proud of himself

then the On-The-Lap Maneuver is complete and its time for a nap!

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The smile on his face in that fourth picture says it all! That is great! :)
Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
Bogey does the EXACT same thing all the time. Case and point.


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LOL!! Love it!! Macbook isight camera too? ;)
Yep - I have a MacBook and it's built in. I get a shot like this almost every single night.
Yep - I have a MacBook and it's built in. I get a shot like this almost every single night.

Yup, I have a few billion webcam pics of me and Sam... pretty much because as soon as I get my computer out he's scrambling to get in my lap. :doh:

Ur pics are super cute. :)
I know how your feel. Bogey will sometimes try to lay on top of the computer. I think he gets jealous of it! It's too funny that you have such similar pictures.
this why you own a lap top,right? LOL
The two of you smiling together is a wonderful photo! Its amazing how they will do that. Tuff will try and maneuver a lap seat whenever he can:doh:
Gotta love those cuddle bugs! Sam looks very proud of himself, great pics!
OMG! You two are adorable! :D I love Sammy's smile on the 4th picture! He sure looks proud of himself! :p:
Sam you rock!!! He does look very pleased with himself.
Sammy knows how to get some loving from his momma. Clever boy.
Such cute pictures!! And I definitely know how you feel! Isn't it fun trying to type one handed?!? ;)


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Ha ha ha ha ha ha... that is the cutest series of pictures! What a character.
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