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She told me today that she wishes she could move into my house because she likes dogs and she wishes she had a sprinkler like that one. lol Then she told me to go in my house and ask if I was allowed to come play with her. :doh: I mean, I know I'm only 24 but I thought I at least looked old enough to not have to ask permission to go next door. lol
Watch out! ;)

Until everyone grew up, my doorbell would ring almost daily asking if I could come play (ride bikes/scooters, frisbee, ball, chalk drawing, etc). It used to irritate me occasionally, but I'd usually give in and "play" - - Hannah, of course, LOVED being "fed" grass, pine straw, and leaves by them. A couple of years ago, the doorbell ringing slowed, then stopped - it was sad, especially for Hannah who adored each of them. They still stop and give her a few scratches occasionally and she relishes every moment.

Enzo will remember her for a lifetime :)

I hope you all are able to bank happy memories in your new house. We'll also keep you guys in our thoughts. Great pics as always :)
21 - 27 of 27 Posts