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Am I nuts?!?

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I am probably nuts and over protective but....

I have had Lucky for about 5 weeks. He is wonderful and just turned 10 months old! Anyways, originally I first noticed Lucky was having really bad gas. So I changed his food again (gradually) from Canidae to California Natural. He still has gas! Recently I have noticed he has a little cough. I mainly notice this cough (kinda of like a hack) when we are doing click training. He gets real small treats and seems to cough and sometimes hack them up. This morning he kinda of hacked/coughed clear liquids. Also, we have noticed two lumps (looks like scabs). One on his head and one on his elbow. My bf of course said he saw those right when we got them but "forgot" to tell me.

I am going to the vet today to take out his stitches and ask them about this. But I was wondering if there was any input on if I should ask for a certain test or this could be readjustments still and he is fine and I am an overprotective momma?


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I think you are doing the right thing by asking the vet. Good luck and I hope it turns out to be nothing.
Of course I am completely nuts ( I am sure that I am the best friend of my vet now, we have had numerous phone calls and vet visits, a lot more then my two older dogs with Frosti ). But I would go to the vet and ask about this, although I have to admit that my dog does have bad gas ( and I have tried other food ( right now on Regal, really love his coat on that one ) ) smell wise, but it is frequent, my vet ( and my other vet, which I tried first ( not the same as with my older dogs ) didn't like it, yes I am this crazy about my dog ) said that my puppy is completely healthy.

But just to be sure and to calm you down maybe as well I would go to the wet :)

Hopefully everything is great with Lucky ( he is b.t.w gorgeous ) .
Thanks Nicole and depill.

I have had many phone calls to the vet as well. And the best thing is my vet has online access now! Poor people who came up with that idea! So now I get to send them Emails!
Man, Max can let out one that would put God to shame!! Maybe it's a golden thing? Look under the Health and Anatomy Forum, there is a stick about a list of people meds you can give your dog - GasX is on that list!
Thanks for the tip momtomax. Lucky can let some real good ones out. And the worst is he (like many goldens) thinks he is a lap dog. I do not know if he does it on purpose or not but he will come and lay on one of us (of course butt in face) and let one out. Enough to make you sick everytime!
We had our now 9 month old Golden on California natural when he was younger- it gave him really, really bad gas. (I thought it would peal paint off the walls!)

We slowly switched him to an Orijen + Primal raw diet which he now loves and is no longer the little gas bag. On a side note, the primal raw diet really helps with poop decomposition, his droppings turn to a white, ashy consistency in about 3 days- really helps when I can't find all his presents in the yard :)
Chester is on California Naturals and has little problem with gas, but he does burp a lot. He does get fruit and vegies for snacks but I am guessing the air needs to come out somewhere. Hope Lucky is ok...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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