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Am I asking for trouble?

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Good Morning....Joy is fortunate to live a block from the beach. Now that the crowds are gone we have been taking our morning walks on the beach at sunrise. We have completed twelve weeks of training classes and Joy is hooked on me (espicially when I clip the treat pouch to my belt. She is seven + months.

The past couple of mornings I have experimented with letting the leash go and let Joy run. And you guessed it She is in Heaven, except for the wave sounds. The good news is that Joy has excellant recall to a "come Sit Front" command. Its fun to watch her get the zoomies out of her system.
So here's the doubt that creeps in...Am I creating a problem letting her dig aimlessly in the sand and running circles around me?
I regularlly practice the come sit front routine and she complies every time. I have not unhooked her yet so I can grab the lead if people do wonder by........
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As long as it is a safe place then I think you are ok.
Is there a leash law? If so, I would probably be breaking it if I could see for miles each way and there was no one out. Especially if she has good recall and heels well. Good luck :)
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