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Alternative to Dogswell Chicken Jerky

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Hello everyone,

For a few months now, I've been feeding my girl Dogswell chicken jerky with her dinner. She loves it, and encourages her to finish all her dinner quickly.

However, this stuff is made in China. I've done some research online, and it seems Dogswell is clear of all the past recalls and stands by their stuff as well-tested.

I'm still uncomfortable, however.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for yummy chicken/beef jerky that doesn't come from China?


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I'd suggest to stop feeding any brand of jerky with meals. There's no nutritional value.

Why not try putting a tablespoon or so of a good brand of canned dog food on top. The moisture is helpful for a dog's digestive track; the aroma usually entices a dog to eat; and there would be some nutritional value.
Wellness has some turkey jerky treats, but they are EXPENSIVE. Sometimes we mix in canned pumpkin. It's mostly used to keep his stools firm, but if I want to make sure he eats quickly (I have a grazer) that does the trick and it's safe and inexpensive.
I agree if he wont eat his food without a moist thing like the chicken jerky, get a good canned food and put alittle on the kibble.
Trader Joe's sells a chicken and a turkey jerky. Both are made in the USA.
Thanks everyone, for your comments.
The canned pumpkin sounds like a good idea. She doesn't have any issues with her stool, but I suppose a wet slop of pumpkin would be very tasty to a dog.

Besides pumpkin, anyone else use something different?

Hi Mikhal, Primal makes a Chicken Jerky Nib. The chicken is organic,hormone-free and raised in the USA. I notice that you are in Ann Arbor. I actually have a e-commerce company that retails about 500 different dog treats and we are based in Jackson. Let me know if you are interested in this product and I can send some treats over. You are correct though, it is very difficult to find chicken based products that are not from overseas.
I use Nupro, which has vitamins/minerals/enzymes in it. If you pour some water on it, it turns into a liver gravy which my dogs love.

People have also used yogurt, parmesan cheese, or cottage cheese.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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