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Allergy concern.

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Some of you might remember I brought this up in one of my previous threads, but that was part of another discussion. I have a concern about my daughter's possible allergic reaction during our puppy visits (last two).
We currently have a 6 year old Golden, which she does fine with. However, when visiting the puppies she tends to sneeze and get itchy eyes.

Of course, having a dog already, this is something we never expected. My question is, could she be allergic to one dog and not another? Even if it's the same breed?
Or, could the conditions at the breeder's be causing the reaction, more so than the dog?

The puppies (6) are now in a kennel in the garage. Newspaper on the ground, and a carpet section. Most of them looked a little bit dirty from pee and poop. Nothing that I wouldn't expect though, I certainly don't think it's improper conditions, but definetely very "doggy".

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I had a litter of 10. Whenever my pups got a little pee of poop on them, it was cleaned immediately. We held out pups regularly. My grandchildren held our pups and there was no way we wanted to hold them if they were dirty. The conditions of the kennel say a lot about the breeder. In this case, in my opinion, it says walk away. As far as the allergy, I don't know of a child being allergic to one dog and not another unless of course one of those dogs is a poodle. I am told that they are hypo allergenic. I think that the allergic reaction might be from something in the breeders house or something that she may have put on the dogs like a flea powder.
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