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Allergic reaction to Bortadella spray

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Allergic reaction to Bortadella spray or DA2PLP injection

Bailey got her 3rd round of shots yesterday afternoon, she was fine until early this morning. She vomitted a little bit and then I noticed that she was breathing a few times heavily. Later she stopped but when I went out with her and she saw some neighbors she pulled and was again breathing heavily - very weird sound. Then again at home she was breathing crup like again a few times. We called the Vet and they told us it can be a common reaction to the Bortadella spray and we can give her Benadryl. Which we did, she sounds now pretty normal I am just wondering if she still will have the rough sounding tone when she pulls.
Anybody experienced the same thing?
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Bailey has thrown up twice now after her shots. I'm not sure if it was from the car ride or not.
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