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All three Goldens together!

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I decided to try to get a pic of them all together. It's funny! Rig wanted no part of the chaos, nor did the cat. Both of them jumped the gate to the living room that the big dogs, ironically, are too wimpy to jump :doh:

So, every time they'd sit, Holiday would play bow lol or Spirit would come in and they'd start wrestling. Still, it was fun. They played in the kitchen too. And I added a few of the view from my computer chair. Sorry about my messy office, which is also the way out to the back so is always the messiest room in the house. It has our arcade games too, and my desktop. Everyone has a room like that, right? :curtain:


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That looks like a happy pack. There coloring is very similar. How often do you call them by the wrong names?
hahaha Well Brooklyn is fat, Starlite is tall, and Holiday is darker- so not toooooo often! But oddly enough I call Starlite "Spirit" a lot and the other way around. What the heck?! lol

Think my crew would have fun in Maine?
Lovely gang of goldens :) what breed is that black dog?
He is a German Shepherd Dog, however, he is a bi-color (so almost solid black) and a long coat, and of mostly Euro working lines, so he looks different than the average GSD for sure. Plus, he JUST turned five months old yesterday.
Love all the happy pictures. It always cracks me up how they can sit so pretty and smile and then turn into little wild guys playing.
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