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Alaska Field Events Calendar 2017

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We have a nice selection of events this year. Some overlaps but not too bad. All of our hunt test weekends are double headers. We have one weekend with a double header hunt test and a WC/X on the same weekend. We also have several golden retriever people judging field trials, hunt tests and our WC/X. Here's the calendar for anyone interested.

20-21 NAHRA double header at Point MacKenzie (80 miles north of Anchorage)
2-4 field trial Point MacKenzie
9-11 field trial Point MacKenzie
10-11 NAHRA hunt test in Palmer (40 miles north of Anchorage)
16-18 AKC hunt test in Fairbanks (7 hour drive north of Anchorage)
24-25 Golden Retriever Specialty in Anchorage, with obedience and rally
24 Arctic Bird Dog Assoc. Chukar Challenge, Point MacKenzie
7-9 field trial, Fairbanks
8-9 NAHRA hunt tests, Palmer
14-16 field trial, Fairbanks
21-23 AKC hunt test, Turnagain Pass, (50 miles south of Anchorage)
24 Working Certificate, Turnagain Pass
28-30 field trial, Turnagain Pass
29-30 NAHRA upland hunt tests, Palmer
29-30 Spaniel hunt tests - Point MacKenzie
4-6 field trials, Turnagain Pass
18-20 AKC hunt tests, Point MacKenzie
26-27 Spaniel hunt tests - Fairbanks

Let me know if anyone is interested in getting some more information about attending our events. Alaska Airlines is the best at flying dogs. They charge $100 each way. The weather here in the summer is mostly cool and low humidity. Where else can you watch whales on your way to a hunt test?

We also have dog shows outdoors in May and July that are not on here. Also there are a several outdoor obedience trials in the summer. Let me know if anyone is interested in those schedules also.


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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