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I mentioned this at our agility run-throughs today and was shocked at how many people didn't know this was going on - So I thought it made sense to post a reminder here for people active in AKC agility. Today is the last day to send input to the committee...

I personally wrote them advocating for a lower a-frame for the 4" and 8" height classes, stressing that I run 24" dogs.

The American Kennel Club Companion Events Department is pleased to announce your 2009 Agility Advisory Committee.
  • Marquand Cheek – CA
  • Katherine Leggett – CA
  • David Nauer – CO
  • Karen Paulukaitis – AL
  • Randy Reed – FL
  • Kimberly Reeher – PA
  • Pamela Sturtz – NY
Your recommendations for agility will be solicited, November 3, 2008 through February 28, 2009. Please email your thoughts, ideas and suggestions regarding the AKC Agility program to: [email protected]. All suggestions will be presented to the 2009 Agility Advisory Committee members for their review prior to the June meeting.
Thank you for supporting the AKC Agility program.
Andy Hartman
Director of Agility
American Kennel Club

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