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Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has done any agility with their retriever and whether anyone has any experience of, or advice on young stubborn males and jumping up.

I do weekly beginner agility training with my 3 year old male retriever. Sometimes he is great, picks it up immediately and completes a course without any hassle.

Other times he decides he doesn't want to be told what to do and will run of and sniff around. When you catch him and pull him away he then starts jumping up, mouthing and trying to hump me and is really difficult to get off!

He knows all the basic commands and could easily do more difficult courses if only he kept concentrating rather than stopping to follow his nose....

Our agility trainer seems to think that he doesn't like being challenged and shows his annoyance of having being stopped from following his scent by trying to jump up and dominate me. He also shows the same behaviour when you take the training toy away from him when he doesn't want you to.

Funny thing is he never shows any of this at home and is the perfect family dog both in the house and out on walks and aside from this weekly training hasn't jumped up at home since he was a puppy.

However this may be because he is used to his daily routine of long walks and lounging around the house and doesn't have anything to dislike about it!

If anyone has any experience with this, or any ideas for small daily training exercises to keep him on his toes and maybe get his brain in gear more often that would be great.

Also if anyone has any good ideas on the best way to deal with the jumping up, mouthing and humping it would be much appreciated! (I currently turn my back on him and wait for him to finish and lie down which he always does after a couple of mins)

Many thanks in advance.
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