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Agility people are amazing

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My first time back in the ring was the week after we put our Casey down..I almost pulled but I knew I had to face everyone at some point..the tears/hugs and support for Mike and myself was much needed and totally unexpected from strangers I never knew but had seen my boy in his clown days...a hard emotional trial but one I will always cherish..

The good news Lilli now has all her MACH points :) and managed to get DB Q #9 we are on the hunt and am starting to get to that halfway point.. dang these things are hard to come by..
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Pam, I am very sorry to hear about Casey...

I know exactly what you mean. When I lost my Sammy the local agility community put on a fun run/memorial for him and to raise money for cancer research. It was truly amazing. Makes you proud to be a part of such a great community.
Ah, ohhh...not a Casey! So sorry for your loss!
Some moments in life are Bitter Sweet... Hugs and Congrats coming your way.
Congrats on your point wins this weekend!

You know like they always's better to enjoy the journey with your dog...and the people you meet along the way. It's not all about the ribbons..the glory..etc...just that you even got there! So sorry about your loss and I hope you cherish this past is wayy too short to miss out on the good things. =]
Pam I am so glad you had a good weekend. It helps the healing. Are you going to AKC Nationals? I am on a mission to see who I know might be going. :p: Right Jessica?!
Sounds like a bittersweet weekend. I am very sorry about your Casey, but I'm glad to hear that Lilli has all of her points!
It was bittersweet brought back good memories..thank you all.

Ann, no I a planning on going to the 2011 GR Nationals in me a good 2 years practice lol..
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