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aggressive behavior

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My puppy is 9 months old.. is great with people and other dogs .. loves to play

Discovering how to run without falling flat on his face.. chase and being chased by other dogs ..

1 problem.. as soon as there is a stick, ball or other toy involved, he gets aggressive with the other dog ... I step in and take the object away and give it to the other dog and we move on . but he's not stopping .. I don't know how to correct this

I went out and bought a muzzle today, figuring when i take him to the park .. if it happens again.. i will put muzzle on at that time.. is there any other way ?? is muzzle going to work ??

I had 2 goldens before and that was never an issue
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I agree totally with fostermom. Keep treats with you when you go to the park so you can step in with one if it happens again.
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