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I've got a gorgeous 7 month old male. A week before he was due to have his "bits removal op" he went out in the snow bouncing round and came back in limping on his front left leg. We took him to the vet who said try and keep him quiet, use the pain relief he'd prescribed, if it was no better he would x-ray him when he was anaesthetised for his op. Long story short, he had an x-ray but the vet couldnt tell if it was elbow dysplasia or just green bones ie growing pains. He sent the x-rays to a specialist, who said it was inconclusive. There was a slight gap around his left elbow, but he said that could be because he was a young dog and growing still. They said just monitor him and give him painkillers. His limp cleared for a couple of days, but we had to put his head cone back on due to him over licking his wound and getting it infected, he then bounced around bashing his head cone and himself and woe and behold his limp has returned :-( at my wits end with it. He can only walk down the road a little as the vet said light if any exercise at all. He doesn't yelp in pain when you feel his leg and paw, its really weird. He also bounces at the beginning of his walk even though I'm hold his lead right next to his collar to keep him calm. Does anyone have any experience of this? I feel like I'm being pushed towards EB by the vet who said next step is £700 CT Scan...
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