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Advantix & Frontline

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Sorry if this has been asked before...

I have to call the vet today to get more flee/tick medicine. We have been using Advantix and my only complant is that it leaves his fur so greasy around his neck.

I remember years back with our last dog that we used Frontline and I don't think it left a greasy residue.

Any preference?
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I personally like Frontline. I usually apply the frontline in the evening close to bedtime. That way it has had a chance to soak in overnight.
All topical flea treatments have left greasy spots on my dogs, no matter the brand.
I like Frontline Plus and think it works best. Yesterday when I took Brooks to the vet I wanted to buy FP but he only had the Frontline Topspot. He encouraged me to try Comfortis (a pill type treatment that kills only adult fleas for 30 days).
Since Brooks has had to have lots of baths lately due to a skunk encounter, I decided the pill might be good to try since there is no danger of it being washed off.
We switched to Vectra 3D this year and I have to say that I like it a lot better than both Advantix and Frontline, both of which we have used in the past. We didn't have a single flea on either of our dogs this summer and I didn't find that it left much of a greasy residue at all. Our vet highly recommended it over the other brands.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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