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Abigail is a sweet 2-3yr old doberman pinscher ready for her forever home. Her life was not easy but she has overcome great obstacles. She came to me starved, complitely dry skin, and full of worms which included the deadly heartworms. I have been fostering her since August. She has overcome this obstacles for a whole month she has been kept confined because of the heartworm treatment she went thru. In a week she will be available for adoption. She has a wonderful personality definetly a people dog but has become weary of dogs. She is fine with children and does not jump on people. So far she knows how to sit, down, and crate. She is not housetrained but should not take her long as she has been isolated in a crate for a month and only comes out to potty. She must go to a dog only household with no cats.

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She is on Petfinder:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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