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Adding a family member

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I am new to the forum. My husband and I (recently empty nesters) are starting the search for a new four legged family member and I am hoping to learn and get some good advise. I have had dogs my entire life including a collie, healers, labs and a shih tzu. We lost our shih tzu Maggie just over a year a go at 15 years and recently lost our lab at 14 also? I grew up in a family of hunters and active people who are all dog lovers. I do not hunt myself but am very active and love water sports, hiking and a good game of fetch as well as my doggy snuggle time. We work from home so our dogs are with us pretty much all the time. I enjoy working with dogs and teaching them new things. In our family good manners and socialization are a must as we all get together at my family’s lake home for the dogs to play. We have decided after a lot of thought that we will be looking for a golden to join our family. Since it is our first golden I am hoping to get advise on finding a good breeder and everything I can learn. With the warm Minnesota winter ? we are hoping for a puppy around spring but was told to start looking now. Our home feels less like a home with no dog so thanks for any help?
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Welcome to the forum. Goldens fill an empty nest very nicely. You want to find a breeder who does the 4 health clearances required by the Golden Retriever Club of America's Code of Ethics for Breeders and ask if they are posted on OFA -- Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals. Any answer but an unqualified yes would indicate this person is not breeding for the chance of the healthiest dogs. If you look around on the forum there are plenty of sad posts of people with dogs who died young for lack of good heart clearances on the parents or from people facing expensive and painful surgeries from dogs with hip and or elbow problems. There are members on the forum up in your area so hopefully they will have some recommendations. Also see if I there are any Golden Retriever Clubs in your area who might make referrals. Best wishes on your search for a healthy puppy.
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Welcome :) If you're wanting a project to stir things up around your house, a Golden puppy will certainly fit the bill. Be really sure you're both on board, if it's been 14 years since your Lab was a puppy, you've probably blotted out the worst of it ;) I do think retriever puppies are sort of like labor, you forget or you probably wouldn't do it again :)

You're lucky to live in a region with some great options for Golden breeders. And you're smart to start doing the ground work now. Read everything you can get your hands on here and at on health issues and ask the breeder a lot of questions about what they do with their Goldens (do they compete in some sport?), how they use health clearances to make breeding decisions and how they raise the puppies, match up the puppies to families etc. A puppy search is a good distraction to pass the time. Here are a couple suggestions to get you started. Also look at for the clubs in your region and the regional puppy referral people. They should be able to give you referrals. No matter how you are referred, ask to see clearances and you can also ask for registered names of parents of a litter and someone here can help you look at the clearances.

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Good info. Thank you everyone for the help! We are definitely ready and have put a lot of thought into it and what it entails. After having 3 teens in the house at once ❤and a houseful of friends all the time we actually miss the noise and movement around the house. Labs are kind of like kids for sure❤ Can get a little crazy but not having a dog for the first time I can ever remember makes all the vet visits, night time potty training, teaching them not to eat my shoes�� is sooo worth the snuggles, love and joy of playing and working with them worth every bit.
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