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I am copying and pasting the info from Facebook. I am in San Antonio so this is very near and dear to me that these Golden’s get returned.

All the info:

Acoria and Ripley:

On 6/18/19 Tuesday at 10pm our sitter lost our 2 golden retrievers while letting them out for a late night potty. They got spooked and lunged. The sitter dropped the extend leashes and they ran. Because my husband and I were on vacation, they were staying at her apartment complex called Marquis at Crown Ridge 18385 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX and they reportedly ran towards the Lutheran school are which is on the corner of Babcock and Camp Bullis rd.

At this point they are very lost, someone has found them or they have perished.


They are chipped
Their collars are: Acoria is pink and Ripley’s is purple.
Acoria was 80-90lbs at the time she was lost.
Ripley was about 70lbs at the time she was lost
Ripley is a little taller than Acoria
Both Ripley and Acoria are spayed
Acoria has arthritis
Acoria has a distinctive bark/howl sometimes. It sounds like a mix of both/doggy scream lol
Ripley is skittish but like people and dogs
Acoria like people better than dogs but has never been aggressive

Actions Taken:

*A couple segments on Kens 5 news as it’s top story on Wednesday June 26th then another interview on July 16th
*Texas Hill Country wrote an online article in ya
*Businesses have printed flyers for us and another one posted our story/a post and used the boost option on fb.
*Posted on many Facebook pages, Nextdoor, The Ring, Craigslist (daily or every other day for slow moving pages)
*Created and maintain our own Facebook page
*We and other have posted on other media like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr
*Created our own video for Facebook and Youtube
*Pet Amber Alerts, Lost my Doggie robotic phone calls/faxed to vets and pet stores 3 times
* Pawboost
*400+ Flyers posted and 50+Posters and another 400-600 flyers passed out by supporters, then in July we went around posting neon stickers on the flyers disclosing the reward money.
*Walked the forests everyday for about 2 weeks, other pet sitter-not rover supplied- walked the creeks and around the area on a daily basis.
*Drive around the neighborhoods in the area looking and asking people
*Contacted the rental companies in the area and posted flyers in all the elevators and they asked their residents. The maintenance staff and other staff are physically looking for our dogs.
*Put down a water/our clothes station for them and there have been absolutely no signs and another couple put a handful of them water/food stations in areas where a golden retriever/s have seen spotted *They (the couple) also went around to all the businesses and a bunch of neighbors and handed out flyers.
* Sent out over 100 emails and messages to pet services, rescues, pet stores in the area and surrounding areas.
*Sent out emails to local businesses asking for the to look. Asked utility workers, cable workers, uber people (don’t know if that went through)and many more to look too.
* Been in contact with other rescues around the state and golden retriever rescues around the country.
* Look in the shelters everyday and have people that work/volunteer at them that are watching for our dogs. We have flyers up at their facility.
*We search and our supporters search the shelters and other websites that have dogs up for adoption.
* Contacted all the microchip companies and have updated info
*Issued a no-kill alert for our dogs to area shelters.
*We attended a “Feed the strays event” that was going to dedicate a team to look for our dogs but not many didn’t shown up so we helped them half a day of our and went looking for ours the rest of it.
*Have alerted the authorities but they cannot find a crime as of yet so we cannot file a report but they have all our info. The detective and his assistant were amazing and hung the flyer in the officer’s lounge. – lease note, if you return them – it will be no questions asked, we will not* involve them or file any report*
*Have talked to the Lutheran school staff in that area, joggers, hikers, golf staff, golf members have a stack of flyers on the table of the club house, churches, security guards, a coach/parents of kids playing sports in the field near there and anyone who would listen and they have been looking for them too.
*Have talked to several pet detectives and they gave us a little advice but basically told us that we are doing everything they would.
*Have contacted a bloodhound rescue but it was $1200 and it had rained- down poured- several days and we felt it really decreased our chances of finding them. If we do have a confirmed* sighting, a person from Houston has volunteered their time to come search for them.
*Contacted a billboard company and the guy didn’t get back to me after we talked. He basically said they couldn’t donate time and it was a significant amount of money. Almost like it was so far out of our range he didn’t want to insult me with a number.
*Rover printed flyers for us, paid for 2 robot calls and called sitter in the area to help twice. Not 1 person shown up to help us. They were checking craigslist but that is all the support we got, even though we requested more. At week 3, that ended.
* Had someone volunteer their time and humane animal traps for days to try to catch a couple golden retrievers spotted but did not catch them/didn’t see them -I think I might have seen one but could have been the stray we trapped-
* Financed a drone after trying to use a $150 one that could not keep up with the wind, the camera didn’t have the definition we needed and it would just fall out of the sky so we returned it… We have been looking for weeks with it and we went to all the areas we think they could be.
*They are being mentioned on Talk Radio
* We had an event where 6 other people help big poster with our missing dog info on it.
*People have passed out flyers at events that they attend
* People have put flyers on cars
*People have gone around to a bunch of pizza places and 2 of which are putting our flyers on their take out boxes. These are: Little Italy Restaurant & Pizzeria and Naples Italian Ristorante
* Shenanygans Bar has offered a $100 bar tab to anyone who find them and passed out flyers for us.
*People are going around giving out flyers to stores, pet stores, vets and others.
*Between my husband and I and a go fund me, we have a $2500 reward.
*Many businesses are putting flyers in their windows and email blasting/putting them on social media
*Placed poster/flyers near schools
*Passed out flyers to schools
*Passed out flyers to vets
*Contacted all the major TV networks and Newspapers
*Im sure Im leaving something out

Unresolved Sightings:
1-Tuesday June 18th-12pm at the baseball field near the area lost next to the Lutheran HS. 2 golden retrievers running around the outside, maybe inside the field (This is 10 hours before they were reported lost but are including it for the sake of transparency)
2- Thursday June 20th – 12pm Outside the community Legend Hollow on Legend lane in the grassy/woody area and behind the construction on the other side of the street from the green gate/main entrance, 1 golden retriever without a collar was sighted. We looked for days and days and did not find one. A side note: someone had taken down our flyers on 5 separate occasions on the poles next to this community which raises some questions. I called the HOA and they are a corporation. I did this on 2 occasions and they brushed us off even though I told them the situation and our concerns.
3- Sunday June 30th – 10:30am A lady called us and said she saw either 2 labs or 2 golden retrievers running down Old Fredericksburg Rd beside the business Ms. Sues Art Studio toward Cascade Caverns. She didn’t think of our story until she got to San Antonio and immediate called us. We jumped in the car, looked for hours then 4 additional people volunteered their time to look for a few hours and the patrol person has been informed as well. No one found them. We put up flyers at a few busy intersections and a nice lady put up a flyer at another busy building. This location is about 10 miles or so from the place they were lost.
Doorbell cam – Walnut (photos in folder) a golden retriever and a collie mix in their yard. It was posted on nextdoor and a lady contacted us. Gave the gentleman our info and they did not call us. We drove to the area and didn’t find any dogs. We put up a few flyers at the stop signs. More info on the photos/text messages/messenger
Regency Meadow. Someone linked us a video of a dog in their yard. It looked like a golden retriever. We talked to the lady, she gave the guy our info. He called us. We continued texting back and forth. He will keep a look out. We went to the drainage area that opened to a field. Walked the back green space between the neighborhoods, most of the field (almost to the end and called for them) and then through the woods into the edge to the other edge of a neighborhood/half woods and walked that whole thing calling for them. No luck. We then posted flyers down the road at the nature park, intersection, a rental complex and every stop sign on the right side of the road (Where the cul de sacs have entrances/exits).
July 14th someone saw a golden retriever walking into the woods behind their home in the Cresta Bella area. They tried to look for it but with no success. We searched the area on foot and with the drone for hours and left flyers.
June 18th We were called by a gentleman they said he saw 2 golden retrievers running around the woods during the precious weekend and Monday. Tricha drove around a good while, posted flyers and since he saw them early mornings, I went at 430am the next day (Friday) and saw what I thought was a golden retriever that ignored me and went into the woods. A trapper/rescue person volunteered her traps and time to try to catch the dogs. At this time yet another neighbor stopped by the spot were we using to watch for them and said they saw golden retrievers too. During that time we had no sightings of any goldens and caught a stray which has been temp fostered. We put up game cameras for the next few days in different areas/leaving food/water/smelly clothes and have 0 results after a week. We left our flyers and posters in the area roads that surround that section of forest and at busy intersections and are waiting for another sighting.
There have been other pictures/posts and sightings we talked to the posters, got more pics or visited the dog/s and check if they were ours. None have panned out but have been confirmed they are not ours.
There have been a few sightings recently but nothing that has given us any results or we are still investigating and dont want to release just yet.

Rover And The Sitter

In our opinion there is a lot of frustration and neglect concerning them. If is important to us to lay out the facts as well. Please note that just because we don’t talk about it every time people ask us on our FB page, doesn’t mean we don’t share your frustration or concern. Just because they are not our main focus right now, doesn’t mean they are not very much in our minds/part of this. Finding our dogs is the most important thing to us then we will start addressing other elements of the situation after.

The facts:
*The sitter lost our dogs on extend leashes, in the pitch dark, outside her gated complex and holding both leashes in one hand.
*There was plenty of green space and a gated dog park behind her building
*She justified this that she didn’t want the dog to have to interact with other dogs (to be fair, our dogs to bark at other ones)
*When she lost our dogs she was crying hysterically and seemed genuine
* She has been with Rover 3 years, has a 4.5 rating and over 50 repeat customers
*I am getting mixed feedback from Rover if she ever had an incident like this. The handler said no but then the next person I talked to wouldn’t tell us
*She said she looked until 3am in the woods/dark
* She says she had kept looking over the next few days/weeks.
*The interactions were forced, we had to call her but she claimed because the sitting job was done, our conversations went into her archive and she kept missing our messages.
*We asked for picture of our dogs (I think Monday) and she didn’t give them to us (forgot)
*My husband put her rover/ profile on his personal page saying this was our sitter and people took it upon themselves to contact her and her work. She claims she was harassed. He took it down immediately even though he was well within his rights to keep it up but we were trying to be respectful.
*Once the news story hit, her attitude got abrasive, accusatory and acted victimized. She said she was fearful for her safety. That we shouldn’t have given the address they were lost because it was hers. We had to use it, that is where they were last seen.
*The sitter has moved into a house from the location she lost them.
*Rover stopped helping us after 3 weeks. They said they would stop contacting us and we should contact them if we need more flyers printed. When we did this 6-7 weeks into the search, they refused to help us. They have refused to help us with a pet detective, a bloodhound rescue and another lostmydoggie phone call alert. They did help with 2 robot calls, printing flyers and contacting sitters in the area to help look at the very beginning. Not 1 shown up. They told us they might reimburse us for some vet bills if they are found or "the worth" of the dogs if found dead.
*We have asked Rover if she had any previous incidences and they were unable to give us that info. Although the handler said no the first time we asked.
* Rover has allowed her to continue taking clients 2 days after she lost our dogs, maybe the whole time but that was the first time we checked. They said they investigate their sitters and allow them to continue meeting and greeting new clients but not able to book it it through their site. Her profile is still on their roster.
*She also works at Wag and works with animals at her other job.
In our dogs bio papers, I wrote the following:
*The dogs have been known to lunge on the leash when excited
*Ripley gets scared of the dark sometimes and will jump on you and try to go back inside
* Harnesses are easier to control them when walking (this was far enough to qualify as a walk) although I’m not sure it would have made any difference
*We were made aware after the dogs were lost that there are fireworks near her complex every night around 9:15pm. She lost them around 10pm. In the Bio paperwork it is stated that the dogs, especially Ripley, are terrified of them and booming noises.

With the evidence we have right now, we think this was a negligence more than maliciousness, but we cannot rule anything out completely until we find our dogs. It feels like we haven’t been told all the information but that is pure speculation. Although upset, we haven’t released her name not because we like her but because she claims she was being threatened. It is well within our rights to do so at any time. We may have to at some point, but we would do it out of necessity not out of emotion or anger.

We could care less about this drama or any interaction with her. We don’t even really know her that well and we were using her as a sitter based on Rovers assurance that she was trustworthy and responsible. We just want our dogs back.
We feel Rover is a bait and switch company that produces these pretty commercials of assurance, trustworthiness and unaccountably and will take credit for that but the moment there is anything wrong, they place all legality on the sitter. The way the contract is set up, you can only sue the sitter for a maximum of 5k. They take 20% of the sitters fees but for what?
We have been contacted by some other people who are going through the same things as us. Its heartbreaking to hear people on the other end of the phone sobbing because they lost their dogs and Rover/The sitter will do nothing to help.This is so much bigger than just us.

We resisted a go-fund-me for a long time and last week we caved because we could only afford a $1000 reward ourselves. Our supporters have raised $1700 for us so we are making it a $2500 Reward while saving out $200 for go fund me fees and anything else that might come up.

Thank you for all your support and love. I hope this answers a few questions y’all might have had.


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I've been following this on Facebook. It's absolutely heartbreaking.
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