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A weekend of brags!

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:)The Golden girls are on a roll! We had another amazing weekend!

Aubrie got her 3rd RAE leg with a 97 and 1st place in Excellent B and a 95 and 4th place in Advanced B. She had one too many refusals in agility but she was sure happy! We are getting there!

Layla got a 100 and 1st place in Rally Novice B (she was the only 100 in Rally all weekend!). Layla had a clean standard run and got 1st place for her first NA leg and a 95 in Jumpers and 2nd place.

Aubrie just showed in jumpers again. She NQ'd (did some zoomies so I just walked her out of the ring), but she was sure having FUN!!! She has improved so much in the past couple of years. I'm just happy she is thrilled to be in the ring. This was only her 2nd weekend out in AKC agility (same with Layla too!).

Layla finished 2 TITLES!!! What a girl! She finished her RN with a 99 and 2nd place (my darn mistake for a point!) :p: . Layla finished her NAJ with a 95 and 2nd place! We also had a perfect standard run bringing her up to 2 NA legs!

I am so proud of my girls. It is such a blessing to have dogs that want to work to please me and I am so thankful to be blessed with healthy and happy doggie partners! :heartbeat

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It's amazing to me that you are doing such fantastic work with two dogs at once. What an inspiration!
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