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A Very Happy Moment :-)

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So I just have to tell everyone about our weekend! Well, Maddie and I have been doing agility class for the past 8 weeks. I've worked very hard with her and she has been doing extremely well! She has gotten out of the running away from me stage and is very happy to work for me now! It took a lot of effort and Creative Compulsion games to get her where she is now.

Today I just signed her up for JWW, Novice Preferred and she did AWESOME! We got to jump number 3 and someone had to go on a zoomie spell...but I was even MORE proud of her that she came RIGHT BACK TO ME!!! We went off and did the weaves and the rest of the course in style! I don't care that we NQ'd, because she still came right back and finished for me! It was overall a good day....and I'm hoping to get her to a trial over Thanksgiving weekend. It's an all Novice who knows what could happen! =] I think we'll give that one a go!

Thanks for letting me share! :)
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hey, great job!!!! very proud of you guys!!!
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