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A lot of "accidents" in the house

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Or are they really accidents? He's having messes in the house right in front of me, poop as well as potty and he is let out several times throughout the day. Seems to have started within the last few weeks when prior to that he was doing very well with housebreaking. Trapper is 6 months. One thing I have noticed is the poop mostly seems to be happening in my kid's playroom! Yuck! I have tried various odor removers and that. Is this some sort of rebellious behavior, something common, or...??
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Sometimes they have set backs. They never poop as a matter of rebellion or spite. I would suggest taking him out on leash more frequently and praising him to high heaven when he poops outside. If dogs poop in the house it is common that they will poop in the exact same spot every time. Often it is right by the door. In my case it is near a bay window where I have lots of plants. (I guess it is the closest thing to outside in my house)
Before when he did have an accident it would be by the door that's why this behavior surprises me. No diarrhea and as for the marking territory thing, he never did start lifting the leg. He was neutered 2.5 weeks ago and I had a bunch of various tests done including kidney & liver function prior to undergoing anthestics so I don't think there's something wrong with him. All his bloodwork was normal. I am typically home, I can take him out often. A lot of times he barks at the door to go and then the other half of the time he just goes in the house. I wonder if I am giving him too much freedom? He rarely goes in his crate. He sleeps in my room at night. Maybe he needs more time in the crate to learn to hold it? Thx.
I agree with Oakly's Dad. It sounds like a setback and you may have to start back to square one with the potty training. Take him outside more often and give him lots of praise. Also get some Natures Miracle and it will work best to get rid of the odor. Their nose is so much more sensitive than ours. Also if you ahve some baby gates restrict his access to other rooms for right now so you can keep an eye on him.
So funny you mention Nature's miracle-picked that up today at a local pet boutique. Hopefully it works better than the other brands I've tried!
I would also start to crate your pup when you can't watch him. He's about to enter canine adolescence, when even the best pup will become a brat and get into things you would've sworn he'd never do:) Preempting naughty behavior is better than having to untrain it!
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