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Early yesterday morning my 7 month old, Winter, and I met her BFF's two female BMD's and their driver. The BMD's are 4 years old and 7 months old.

It was very early and we had the park to ourselves for quite awhile. This park has lake access and we were throwing a Wubba for the "girls" to retrieve.

Along, comes two 7 year old Golden sisters. Everyone got along well and we had a girl power play date going on. We started throwing the Wubba after a bit. The sisters driver said "Oh your dogs swim, mine only wade. I don't know how many tennis ball I have lost here." A few tosses later the two sister were swimming after the Wubba! The look on the sisters driver's face was priceless. She was so proud. They swam out over and over to compete for the prize of the Wubba.

Two 7 year olds learning how to swim in about 30 seconds right before our eyes. What a great day at the dog park.

We met up with the sisters again today and it looks like the swimming stuck. I believe they have a Wubba in their future.

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