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A few more GoldStock images

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Yeah, I went.
And I brought Piper AND Paco along too.
It was a bit of a ride, almost 300 miles round trip, but we all had a good time.
More pictures tomorrow now that I'm getting caught up with things around here & at work.
----------------------------------------------------------------------- Room Building Workshop Collection Interior design

The rescue retail area.
Tree Camping Recreation House Event

Pirate headquarters.
Dog Mammal Vertebrate Canidae Dog breed

Piper meets a friend.
Mammal Vertebrate Dog Canidae Dog breed

Hot pursuit.
Dog Mammal Vertebrate Canidae Dog breed

Treat time.
Grass Vehicle Sporting Group Golf cart Canidae

Where's my driver?
Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae

Old gold.
Dog Vertebrate Canidae Mammal Dog breed

I want the duck.
NO. I want the duck.
Gimme the %^&*$ duck.
Performance Event Talent show Music Performing arts

Sunday evening candle ceremony.
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Nice pictures. I must have missed it. Where did you go? From the looks of it, I'm sure the pups want to go back!
It's held at a campground in NE Pa near the town of Lakewood.
Loved the pictures. I'm sure all the dogs a people had a blast. Did you meet any other GRFers there?
Ohhhhhh....I love the "old gold" pic. What a sweetheart......makes me love goldens even more...
Ha.... I'm in your first picture! I have on the tan colored shirt and I'm working at the GRRCP table.
I am so going next year!! Is it always the weekend of Labor Day?
I'm glad you had a great time. Old Gold melted my heart and the candle ceremony made me take a deep breath. Hey Heather, I wouldn't have recognized you in the bucket!
Wish it would have been mentioned on the forum. I would have went.
Hey Heather, I wouldn't have recognized you in the bucket!
Yeah, I barely recognized myself Kim.... I was looking and thought... "wow, there's my table!" Then I was looked again and "holy man that's me". I think it looks like Camden is standing between me and the table.

That must have been taken Sunday morning if I had to guess. I think I wore that shirt Sunday... my memory is so bad! :p:
Thanks for posting these pictures. It looks like a great time. Can't wait to see yur other pictures.

Someday I hope to get up there for this event.
Wish it would have been mentioned on the forum. I would have went.
It was mentioned on the Event forum but not the main one. I'm thinking future Pa get together? :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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