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a couple of nellie novice newbie questions

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Ok, the Tito Monster and I are both bathed and blow dried for the show tomorrow, we're leaving here at 5 this afternoon.
So a couple of questions...
How many of you bathe your golden the day before the show? Do most of you do it day of show, even if the ring time is real early?
When you do it day of show, how do you get them wet enough?? Most places I've been don't have bathing facilities, although a few do.
All I've been able to do is bathe him the day before, then mist and fluff (and fix any bad spots) the day of the show.
Comments? Ideas??
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Considering the distances that we normally have to travel to shows, my guys get bathed & most of their grooming done before the show day. At the show, all the handler has to do is touch ups.

I have bathed Nygel after Day 1 of the show because conditions were pretty messy & his legs, feathering got quite dirty. The first time, we were staying @ my daughter's place & the second, in a motel. Nyg's coat is VERY wash & wear & not much fussing required.

Now, Razz's coat is a different thing - he gets blowdried until he is COMPLETELY dry. But, once he's done grooming, he holds it & only minimal touchups required.

Good luck this weekend!
cant wait to hear of Tito's weekend adventure!
Good luck this weekend , beauty golden Tito!
Let us know how it goes! GOOD LUCK!
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