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A beagle scared Tucker!

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Today my husband brought our neighbor's beagle over to play. Scout LOVES the beagle and we feel sorry for it because he spends most of his time on a chain so we have him over to play and run in our yard. It's been a while since he came over so I guess he and Tucker didn't remember each other because when he game in the gate he jumped on Tucker. The beagle is half Tucker's size but Tucker totally submitted to him and began yelping! The beagle wasn't biting him but was on top of him. My husband pulled him off and Tucker ran to me on the porch and hid behind me. I felt so bad for him! He might be big but he is still a baby. I took my baby in the house after that.
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Try to have them meet again on a leash on neutral territory. The beagle probably scared him and made him feel uncomfortable. Dont take him inside next time, just let them get stay outside and act like it is ok.
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