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I am a first time owner in the sense that i have never kept a puppy as an adult. We had a dog when i was aged 8 till 14. My wife and my elder daughter (13 years) are petrified of dogs and its only because of me and the younger daughter (8 years) that we got a golden 4 days back. The breeder had promised us that she was 50 days old but we later learnt when we got her papers that she was only 46 days old when she got to our home. She's now 49 days (7 weeks) old.

1. I play with her and she nibbles and bites me. I can stand the bite but am not sure if i should ask her NOT to bite me because my wife and my daughters cant stand her biting at all. I now let her bite me as long as its very gentle and admonish her with a stern "NO" if it gets harder (though i can tolerate that). Is this approach right? I have told me younger one to stop playing with her as soon as she bites. However, my puppy only wants to bite when she plays and as a result only enjoys playing with me.

2. She pees every 10 - 15 mins when she's awake. I take her out into our backyard on a leash and keep repeating "pee pee" until she pees. I then take her off the leash. The idea is that she understands that when she is on the leash she is meant to do her thing and then as a reward the leash will come off. Is this approach ok?

3. Because of the Covid-19 situation i am not getting a trainer. I am based out of India and things are quite bad in here. The onus for now falls entirely on my square shoulders to train our golden. What is the max age by which i MUST get a trainer, beyond which training the dog becomes almost impossible?

4. Sometimes i see her peeing in the bedroom. Should i do something while she is in the middle of her business? Should i let her smell that and say a stern "NO" and then take her outside to tell her that this is where she must do her thing?

5. She leaps at her food. Should i do something so that she doesnt leap at her food? Or is she too young for these things?

6. I take her out for her bio break after EVERY meal, EVERY time she wakes up. Is there any other time that i should mandatorily take her out?

7. She loves playing in our back yard. She associates that place with fun. But thats also where i take her for her bio breaks. Could that be confusing her? Whenever she would pee inside I would admonish her and take her outside to show her where she should pee. However, i was wondering if she could be peeing inside on purpose so that i let her have fun in the backyard! That would be a travesty. The reason i dont take her out for her bio breaks is because she hasnt had her 3 vaccine shots.


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1. She was removed from her mother and litter WAY too early so she may be prone to more behavior issues than a normal puppy. Yes you should always correct biting. "No" usually doesn't work very well. What works better is to teach her the way her littermates would have taught her. When she bites, even softly, make a squealing cry like a hurt puppy would and immediately stop playing or interacting with her. She'll learn that biting hurts and all fun stops if she bites.

2. Its fine to do what you're doing with the on leash off leash, but when she pees inside the only thing to do is to clean it up. You'll need to just keep taking her outside as often as possible.

3. If you work at it you don't need a trainer. But a dog can still be trained at any age.

4. You can say no and take her out. Just don't make her feel scared or punished or she'll hide when she wants to pee in the house.

5. You could use a slow feed bowl

6. Any time she eats, drinks or play hard take her out right after or if you see sniffing, circling etc.

7. Just try taking her out more often until she gets the idea that potty only happens outside. It takes time but she will get it as long as you are consistent.

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Please keep in mind, this is a baby. She isn't doing anything wrong on purpose. She is just doing what babies do.
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