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6 mo height

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My 6 month old golden retriever is 20" heigh. She needs to be 21 1/2 inches. Can she show under height at 6 months due to she may grow? What are the opinions that she will actually grow into the standard?
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She will grow, I wouldn't worry about that at all.
Whether or not to show her until she is within standard is your call.
I personally think a judge would have to be a major jerk to call the wicket on a 6-9 puppy. However, I HAVE SEEN IT MANY TIMES. So be prepared. In fact, what I saw one exhibitor do, would be my suggestion. Class of 3 6-9 bitches, judge called the wicket on all three of them! :p One exhibitor instantly said "I THINK MY DOG IS SICK" and excused himself from the ring before they could get the wicket there. Smart.
While I understand judges who do this are following the rules (there is NO provision for age in the height disqualification in the standard) -- I think it is dumb and not fair to put a strike against a puppy for not being full grown and wanting to get some ring time!
Well, I showed Scout when she was 6 months and she was definitely not at standard height and I was not wicketed--thanks goodness. So, I guess if you really want to go for it, but know that it could happen and know what to do if it does happen.
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