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5 1/2 mo. old Golden that won't retrieve

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I got my puppy at about 3 months old from a respected breeder who said they used their Goldens for pheasant hunting. I started training him to retrieve a few weeks later, hoping to take him hunting with me some day. He did great for the first month or so, but then started refusing to retrieve. He'll run after the ball, pick it up, and then drop it and do something else. This coincided with the dropping of his second testacle - a dominance problem? I don't know what to do to get him back on track.
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My first thought was teething as well.

If he is teething it is a good time to go back and work on basic obedience.

Remember to keep sessions short and fun, leave him wanting more.

Here is a good article on raising/training puppies for the field.

Baby Dogs

Good luck!
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With all my dogs, when they went through "puppy phases" I always went back to basic obedience. I made it fun and successful. I want my dogs to learn to work with me and have a good time doing so. Then usually when I got back to working on whatever it was, they respond better.
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