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i made a thread a few days ago about my min-pin named lola who had a very large skin irritation under her tail and on the side of her rear. we took her to the vet and he said she had a very deep skin infection and suscribed her steroids and antibotics. he did however say it wasn't a bacterial infection so it may be fungal if it doesn't clear up in a week.

today, i noticed layla, my 4 month golden, itching under her tail crazily. i looked under her fur and she has a large scabby irritation.

i'm probably going crazy and i know it's just an uncanny coincidence, but what should i do?

buy some bitter apple or anti-itch/keep it clean and hope it clears up? should i take her to the vet and get her steroids and antibotics before it gets out of control like lola?

i'm a college student, i can't afford two dog butt exams a week, lol. :doh:
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