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3.5 lbs missing out of my ProPlan bag but same price!

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I think several of you may have already commented on this but I just want to confirm...

What used to be a 37.5 bag of ProPlan Chicken and Rice for $40 is now a 34 lb bag for the same price. There isn't a notice of any kind alerting you to this fact, the bag looks exactly the same! This really chaps my hiney! The food looks ever so slightly lighter in color too... but maybe I am just paying more attention than before. :yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck:

I would really love to switch but chances are other companies are doing this same thing. My research about feeding raw continues...

Does anyone feed raw and then feed kibble when you send the kids to a kennel or a family member's house while you are away? We leave our dogs with our parents while we are away and I think feeding raw would be hard for them considering they have other dogs as well and it might start fights. Would there be any problems with feeding strictly kibble for a week or two? I would think transitioning with 1/2 and 1/2 before and after the all kibble diet might be prudent. Any thoughts... ???
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I just bought 2 bags and didn't even notice. Thanks for the heads up. I am going to go check my bags now. The reason that I switched to pro plan was because all of the other foods that I had used went up $10 a bag. From about $30 to $40 or more. I used nutro for a while but that is about $50 now when it is not on sale. I too have been doing some research on raw. I think the time has come to finally switch. I hadn't thought about what to do when we go on vacation. I guess now I have to give that some consideration too.
When I was in petsmart today ( I usually buy the 8lb bags, only have Nellie) some of the 8lb bags are now 6lbs. You can hardly notice, and I only noticed because the bag was a little different, I think it was resealable? Same price as well.
Alot of the dog foods have gone a couple of pounds down in size but price has stayed the same or gone higher.
This is happening at the grocery store too. It's become a pretty common way of jacking prices.
I'm a raw feeder.. when someone else is watching the dogs or when we were traveling to TX a few months ago, I buy The Honest Kitchen dehydrated raw and feed that. Not as easy as kibble but much more convenient than raw bones, all you have to do is add warm water and mix it and it can be fed in a normal dog food bowl.
Perhaps the lighter color is because they added more corn gluten (filler) to the mix.
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