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Goals for 2023


  • recently completed his RE, so I need to consider if I will train & compete in Master
  • Earn his UD. We are working on proofing the exercises with pivots that might mean GO (Articles, gloves) versus pivots which mean stay in heel position. He can ‘stick’ on pivots where my feet are together as in a heeling halt.
  • All other elements seem ready to go under most circumstances

  • Needs 1 RA Q and then we will work towards her RE (Possibly RM)
  • We are working on focus/engagement duration, especially during heeling. Once we have that we will enter the Open & then the Utility rings
  • Finch is spayed now so I do not need to consider her cycle timings anymore

  • Recently earned her RN, so RA and possibly RE in 2023
  • All my mentors & friends encouraged me to enter her for BN and CD trials, luckily I did NOT enter her, since she went into season LOL So I should have 6 months to get her set up for that BN and CD before her next season. She will be 2 next year so it will be time for her clearances; remaining titles may need to be worked around seasons and possibly litters.
  • She is doing well on her Open & Utility fundamentals and I am starting her Jump training which is also going well
General for me

  • Work on my handling and make it smooth & consistent
  • Workouts for sprinting & agility in case I decide Wren will go into agility (taking agility specific courses in addition to general strength/agility/running mechanic courses)
  • Mental Management skill courses
  • Courses on how to break down elements into their smallest components so I can best teach my dogs (currently working with both online and in person experts) while really focusing on engagement

I rarely post here so many of you may not know I lost my Brady. It was sudden, very sudden and completely unexpected. He was entered for Utility on a Sat (he NQ'd), at the E Vet the following Thu with a swelling behind his shoulder; he was euthanized on Fri (confirmed Thu night around 5p, Subcutaneous hemangiosarcoma with no way to remove the horrid mass via surgery) following a day of eating all kinds of things including BK bacon cheeseburger meals, hikes, swimming and a good bye get together with his most loved people . He was entered in 3 add’l trials after he died, one super scratched his entries upon notification and one ‘marked him absent’ although they were informed of his death (they also sent his numbers knowing he was dead).

I currently have no potential puppies coming into my household.
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