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Next year will be entirely dedicated to Eden. I lost Kaizer in September and he took a lot of my time/attention/money, so I’m glad to be able to focus on her. We did meet SOME of our goals for this year though!

Next year, I want her RA (she’s 1 leg away from her RI - which I did because she got her RN in three trials and I’d like more practice). I’d like to focus more on agility though in hopes that I can maybe debut her by the end of 2023. We specifically need to work on her a-frame and weaves because I decided to teach them differently with her (running contact and 2x2s).

Tentatively, I’d like to try for her CD by the end of 2023, but that realistically may be a 2024 goal depending on if we try showing her in conformation and if I have the $$$ for that on top of everything.

Currently not planning for a puppy in 2023. Eden was 7 months when Kaizer got sick (and almost 2.5 when he passed!), so she really deserves a lot of solo time.
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