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Hi everyone,

I realize this isnt a Golden Retriever post, but I know how us retriever lovers are, so I thought I would share this. I was recently contacted regarding 2 Senior Labs that needs a home URGENTLY. Ive posted on here before and rehomed Goldens, with the help of this site, and thought you guys could help once again.

These 2 sweethearts recently lost their elderly owner. His only living relative, is his daughter, who is unable to care for these 2 seniors. She lives in an apartment that does not allow dogs, and things being as they are in todays market finding another place is just impossible for her. She is desperately looking for a home for these 2, to live out the rest of their lives in love. One is 11 and the other is 13. I dont have much YET regarding their temperament etc, but I cant imagine these 2 need much else except a soft bed to lie on, some good food, and of course, LOVE.

If you can find it in your heart to take care of these 2 for the remainder of time on this earth and help them grieve the lost of their loving master, I am quite sure they will pay you back 10 fold with their devotion.

You can contact me at 347 776 1704.

Thank you for your time...



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