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1st RAE leg; just barely

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So we decided to start on the ever so long road towards an RAE and found that road has a big pot hole.

We went to check in at the Rally ring to find that the judge wasn't handing out course maps (first trial we didn't get a map) and the map she had posted was so small and orientated upside down. If you weren't right in front of it you couldn't see it. Needless to say, not having the map threw me a little off kilter. :eek:

During our excellent run Mr. Hyde appears: :--devil:

So I do the walk-thru and then go to get Augie on the line as we are the 3rd team in. I can tell Augie is just not checked in, try to do a quick warm up but we are called into the ring. As soon as the leash comes off so goes Augie's attention :bowl:. The first half of the course was a disaster so I figured we'd NQ'd and just continued on as if it were training class. He was so distracted that when I cued the jump he almost walked into the jump post. He looked at me like "where did this come from?". :doh: I cued it again and he literally hopped over it as he was right up against the bar, luckily he didn't knock the bar down.

So then on to the Honor exercise we go, it was a sit which halfway through he decided to change it to a stand. I could see the Ring steward writing furiously on the clipboard. It seemed we were there forever, finally it was over. When I went to check our score I was astonished to see not an 'NQ", but a 72! As horrible as we were, we qualified. This was truly a gift. :--keep_silent:

Saved by the good Dr. Jekyl:

For our advanced class I switched out Augie's collar from a martingale flat collar to a choke chain (I just changed collars, he didn't get a correction). That lone act seemed to transform him. When we stepped in the ring he was on fire, we got a 94. :FIREdevil

We finished the day with our first RAE leg, barely. 1 down, 9 to go. I hope I survive the trip.
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It is funny how each run has its own chemistry and karma. Congratulations on pulling out that Q!
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