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11 week old puppy weeing ALOT

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please could I have some advice. Our golden girl is 11weeks today and soon after her being home I took her to the vets for weeing excessively.
She had a UTI and a course of antibiotics for 10 days which cleared the UTI.
She has been off antibiotics for 1 week now and due to have her first vaccination tomorrow morning as she missed the cut off for her second.
I took a sample today and she has trace of protein and her PH is slightly elevated but everything else is ok.
My question is she is still going to toilet often and I do not know what is normal and what’s not as she has had a UTI since coming home.
She wees every half hour when active and sometimes 3 times in a row. When asleep she can go 3 hours ish without going this is the same throughout the night.
She is weeing about 20x a day maybe more.
Her wee has been sent off to the lab to be tested but I’m just curious if anyone has experienced this?
Is weeing 2-3 times in a row and small amounts coming out normal?

thank you
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Thank you for your reply.
We are just so worried, she is her normal happy playful self and her appetite is good so I don’t think she is uncomfortable.
We will know more when we have her urine analysis back next week.
She does sound a lot like your boy I don’t know if I’m paranoid or if she has gotten worse the last couple of days since coming off the antibiotics. The going twice in a row only started back this morning so I monitor this and see if gets any worse.
🤞🏼 We get some good news and she is okay.
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