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11 Month B-day and Today's Adventure!

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Can't believe Bailey is 11 months today and will be celebrating her first birthday next month! It goes so fast!! We just got home from our "spot" so thought I would post a few (ok, probably too many!!) new pictures. A few of them are a little blurry as we were doing a little recall work. ;)


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Looks like you two had a great day! Charlie turns 1 year in October too. I don't know where the times goes.

PS: I love the first pic, Bailey looks very regal in that one:)
Love the pictures. Your spot looks very beautiful!
Really nice pictures. I especially like the first one.
Bailey is gorgeous and so is her spot to play by the river. What a fun day for her 11 month birthday.
I wish I had a 'spot' like that!. Great Pics
Thanks everyone! It's been fun this summer to discover all sorts of great "spots" to take Bailey! :)
Wow- Bailey is really developing and growing- she looks gorgeous.

It is so cool that she is half-sister to PG's Zoom and Kimm's boy too!
Happy late birthday! She looks like she is really thinking about that rock in the 4th picture.
What a great place to spend an 11th month birthday! Love the pictures!!
She's beautiful! I can't believe she's 11 months old either!
She's beautiful! I can't believe she's 11 months old either!
Thanks Kimm! How's Bailey's "brother" Tucker doing?? :)
What a fun place to play and relax. Great pictures! Oh, and happy 11 month birthday!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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