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I’ve posted about Zoey and her two younger siblings, Gidget and the catties!

All are “rescues”, as people know I’m a softy. I miss having kittens but realized a year or so ago that kittens may outlive me, so it’s been older or special needs cats for me. Although I did let my Vet know I would be willing to hand raise an orphan litter ?

In the She Shed we have:

*Henri(Etta) 10+

*Dreamer age estimated ~8 was semi-feral

*Coco age estimated ~8 also was semi-feral

*Wilber aka Woobie-boo-boo estimated ~3 lived in my Vet’s pigpen on the farm until he ended up with two broken hocks

In the house (we have a fairly large home):

*Bella 11 - via my niece (rural school bus stop)

*Ruby Rue ~ 11 - via my “daughter” B = vet tech (left in pet taxi overnight at clinic with a note)

*Pixie 10 - another B gift (dropped at clinic as a “stray”)

*Chester 9 - another B gift (surrendered to clinic from abusive situation)

*Daphne 6 - another B gift (dropped at clinic by farmer who would “pick up my crate on Monday)

*Howard 6 - another B gift (he is the one involved in the Yellow Lab “incident” and was dropped with Daphne)

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Your cats are amazing:)
10 cats and 3 dogs…
Wow!!! This is crazy:)
By the way, how do you manage to care about them all? This should be very HARD…
And I guess you have very big house with a lot of cat trees for big cats and it should be like aa real labyrinth there, isn’t it?
For example, I have three cats and my situation is much better in computation to you:)
They always lay everywhere… on the table, on laptop, literally EVERYWHERE.
I made to them a “house” from boxes and so on, but its too small for them all.
Now I’m thinking about a real tree for them, it have to be veery big and comfortable to fit to all my cats:)
Has anybody tried it? Does it work?
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