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  1. Hampton Roads area

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    I recently moved to Norfolk, VA from Texas with my 3 yr old golden, Scarlett. We would love to get to know other golden retrievers and their owners in the area. I've searched with no luck. Any suggestions for finding other golden fans?
  2. Hampton Roads Golden Retriever Lovers!

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    Hi everyone! I am Jesika! I Welcome all of you Hampton Roaders to join the Meetup Group: Golden Retriever Lovers of Hampton Roads! ** This group is intended for play dates off leash in a fenced in dog park or an indoor play area.** This group is for you if you: Want to meet other local Golden...
  3. Meetup in Hampton Roads VA?!

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Hello, I am pretty new to this whole thing. My name is Jesika and Butters is my wonderfully spoiled 9 1/2 month old Golden! ;) I live in Portsmouth, VA and I have noticed a few people who live in the area and I wanted to see if anyone was interested in doing a meetup at a dog park or something...